At seven weeks, a baby inside the womb is about the size of a coffee bean.

And that’s all entrepreneur Anton Krecic needed to know when he considered a name for his fledgling pro-life coffee company.

Two years ago, Krecic, 27, founded the Seven Weeks Coffee Company with a mission “to promote godly values, provide excellent coffee, and protect every beating heart.”

Seven Weeks donates, or tithes, ten percent of every sale to pregnancy centers. The company also has an affiliate program with 700 pro-life organizations (including Care Net), with 15 percent of proceeds donated back to the centers.

“Pregnancy centers are the hands and feet of the pro-life movement, saving lives in communities across the nation,” Krecic said. “They are in constant need of support. We can’t think of a more worthy cause.”

Four years ago, Krecic relocated to the Washington, D.C. area from Ohio, seeking to promote godly values in government. After working in political fundraising for two years, and experiencing disillusionment, he decided to launch a new venture.

“Two things became obvious about values in Washington: godly principles are lacking on both sides of the aisle, and many organizations put profits before people,” he said.

Krecic, inspired by Billy Graham’s statement about the next move of God being led by believers in the marketplace, started a business around his values.

“Pro-life values have always resonated with me. And there were no pro-life coffee companies”¦”

That intersection of business, faith, and pro-life values inspired Krecic and his wife Christa to birth the Seven Weeks Coffee Company. He credits Christa with naming the company, recalling how she asked, “When is the baby the size of a coffee bean?”

“Around that that same time (seven weeks), a heartbeat is usually detected on ultrasound,” added Krecic.

Care Net’s Annual National Pro-Life Conference, held this past summer in Mobile, Alabama, has served as a great venue for Seven Weeks to display its product and meet like-minded organizations.

“Care Net’s leadership in the pro-life space is something we really admire,” Krecic said. “The national conference is an amazing environment to connect with pregnancy centers from all over the country. It’s super uplifting to see thousands of pro-life workers come together to talk, embrace one another, encourage one another, and equip one another. We see ourselves as a ministry tool for pregnancy centers.”

In addition to his faith-based mission, Krecic also takes pride in “sourcing some of the best coffee in the world.”

“We source the coffee through direct trade, the most ethical way possible. We pay the farmers directly. We don’t go through a broker, so it’s a step above fair trade”¦”

For Krecic, Seven Weeks is more than a coffee company, it’s a pro-life movement that helps subsidize the valuable work of pregnancy centers across the nation. The company has raised $225,000 for pregnancy centers in its first two years.

“We are just getting started in this movement,” Krecic said. “Now is the time to continue to press on and fight for life.”

Pregnancy centers can join the Seven Weeks Coffee partnership program, by clicking here.

To purchase Seven Weeks coffee through Care Net, click here.