Roland C. Warren

President and CEO

A graduate of Princeton University and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, Roland is an inspirational servant leader with a heart for Christ and a mind for business.

After 20 years in the corporate world (with IBM, Pepsi, and Goldman Sachs), Roland spent 11 years as president of National Fatherhood Initiative before joining Care Net in 2012 as president and CEO.

Executive Management Team

Vincent DiCaro

Chief Outreach Officer


Erin Forsythe

Senior Vice President of Strategic Programs

Kathy LoBuglio

Senior Vice President of Administration & Operations

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Executive Office

Christine Quann

Senior Office Coordinator


Catrina Boswell

Data & Project Management Specialist

Nicole Wragge

Operations & People Care Manager

Marketing & Communication Department

Rachel Parker

Creative Director


Amanda Clark

Director of Marketing and Communication

Candace Heurion

affiliate communication specialist

Jenna Tabelon

associate director of marketing and communication

Morgan Groat

resource center coordinator 


Gary Springer

director of systems and technology

Church Engagement Team

Andrew Wood

Sr. Executive Director of Church Engagement

Donna Clute

Director of care net’s abundant life prayer network & volunteers

Corey Tabor

Regional Director of Church Engagement (Texas)

Bob Hershey

Regional Director of Church Engagement (Midwest)

Jill Marquis

Director of Abortion Recovery and Care


Lovette Vassar

Associate Director of Abortion Recovery and Care

Strategic Programs Department

Toneia Mayes

executive Director of Center Services


Jessica Hagerman

Affiliate Support manager

Maddie Massie

Associate Director of Care Net University


Kayla Gelpi

care net university education specialist


Alex Hettinga

associate director of fatherhood & family


Jarid Mayo

Fatherhood & Family Manager

Kay Sanford

Conference Director



Marissa Ismailoff

Conference & External Events Coordinator

Dr. Sandy Christiansen

National Medical Director

Angie Ivey

Pregnancy Decision Line Director

Deborah Tencza

RN Lead PDL Coach

Sheila Zeda

PDL National Trainer

Rebecca Wilson

Pregnancy Decision Line Coach

Tabitha Walkowski

Pregnancy Decision Line Coach

Emily DeYoung

Pregnancy Decision Line Coach

Arianna Neely

Pregnancy Decision Line Coach

Ellie Mofield

Pregnancy Decision Line Coach

Misty Stamper

Pregnancy Decision Line Coach


Jennifer Andreani

executive Director of Development

Jiyeon Kim

Direct response coordinator

Claire Gardner

Senior Direct Response Manager

Katherine Henry

Donor Outreach Manager

Anna Ferrara

Donor Care Specialist

Kristen Brenner

Senior Donor Database Manager

Joshua Holcomb

Donor Data Coordinator

Dave Costanzo

Donor Data Specialist

Tom Patras

Vice President of ministry partnerships

Faith Keller

manager of ministry partnerships

Michaela Hoyle

Associate Director of ministry partnerships

Caitlin Roberts

Communications Coordinator for ministry partnerships

David Mortimer

executive director of ministry partnerships

Jill Anderson

regional director of ministry partnerships

Autumn Alexander

ministry partnerships assistant

Bob Milton

director of planned giving