Financial Information

Good Stewards of Your Gifts

Ministry Watch, an independent donor advocate facilitating the information needs of donors, named Care Net one of its 2023 Shining Light Ministries. They wrote, “Because these criteria are so rigorous, only about 20 of the more than 1,000 ministries in our database qualify as “Shining Lights.” They are truly the best of the best when it comes to transparency, accountability, and financial efficiency.”

At Care Net, we take seriously our call to be good stewards of your generous financial contributions to our ministry. Care Net is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and our online donations are processed according to the highest security standards. Care Net is also a 4-star charity with Charity Navigator and has earned a Platinum Seal with GuideStar by Candid.

Learn more about our good stewardship certifications here:


Learn how Care Net stewarded your gifts to save more than 63,000 lives last year by flipping through our Annual Report and our Fiscal Year 2024 Case for Support below.

Discover how our pregnancy centers saved communities more than $96 million last year in our community savings report here.

Moreover, we work to keep our fundraising and overhead costs at a minimum so that more of your gift goes directly towards protecting the unborn and building strong families to give women, men, and children the abundant life God has in store for them. Review the information below to see an overview of our income and expense breakdowns for the last fiscal year.

Audited Financial Statements and Form 990s are also listed below.

Financial Statements

Care Net is committed to financial transparency to our donors and other key stakeholders.  To that end, please click here to see our form 990 and audited financial statements for the latest fiscal year.

As part of a multi-channel communications plan to a variety of stakeholders, Care Net communicates in writing via postal mail to donors throughout the year.  These communications not only ask donors to renew their support for the life-saving work of Care Net, but also educate them about the work of local pregnancy centers, Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line, our Pro-Abundant Life position and strategy, and important statistics and information on abortion in the US.  Increasing the public’s awareness of Care Net’s work and of the resources that are available to those whom we serve is a vital part of fulfilling our mission. As allowable under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Care Net allocates some of the costs of these informational mailings to our Program Costs of Public Education, as noted on our form 990, Schedule IX, line 26 “Joint Costs.”

Donor Privacy Policy

Read our donor privacy policy here.


  • We promise that we will value our relationship with you more than any need to ask for financial support.
  • We promise that our financial appeals will ask nothing more than that you give to our ministry freely, cheerfully and in obedience to God’s calling.
  • We promise that we will respect and honor all donors to our ministry without regard to the size of their gifts or the frequency of their giving.
  • We promise that we will not use coercion, manipulation, or any other improper conduct to persuade you to give financially to this ministry.
  • We promise that we will use your financial gifts in accordance with the purposes we say they will be used.
  • We promise that we will honor and adhere to any special restrictions that you place upon your financial gifts to this ministry.
  • We promise that we will exercise good stewardship in using the financial resources that you entrust to us, and we promise that we will comply with all standards of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and the Christian Service Charities (CSC), of which we are members.
  • We promise that we will regularly communicate with you about the work of our ministry and the programs that you support.
  • We promise that all of our communications to you will be truthful and accurate.
  • We promise that we will regularly invite you to share your prayer requests, and we will faithfully pray for your needs.
  • We promise that we will conduct all of our ministry activities with the ultimate goal of advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and giving glory to God.
  • In order to protect your privacy, Care Net will not sell or rent your name to any other organization.