Hannah was pregnant, stressed, and desperate for help. A single mom on the run from an abusive relationship, she cried out to the Lord to save her from the shame, disgrace, and anxiety that plagued her.

Nine years before, Hannah had migrated to the United States from Ghana, hoping to find a better life. She described her childhood as traumatic and filled with abuse, which led to prostitution and homelessness.

Unfortunately, life in the United States offered no relief. Hannah found herself in another abusive relationship. Last year, she became pregnant and ended up “hopeless, homeless, and afraid for my life.” The stress of running to protect herself and her son caused her to end up in the hospital.

In January, Hannah was introduced to Pregnancy Care Center in Jonesboro, Georgia. Pregnancy Care Center, an affiliate of Care Net’s network of 1,200 pregnancy centers, has been serving women in the Jonesboro community and surrounding areas since 1985. The organization is committed to “presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to women along with meeting the needs of those undergoing planned or unplanned pregnancy.”

At Pregnancy Care Center, Hannah was introduced to husband and wife, Richie and Melissa Howard. Richie is the director of local ministries and missions at nearby First Baptist Church of Jonesboro.

The meeting happened just in time.

“That very day, I had decided that if God was real, He should save me from this disgrace, shame, anxiety, and abuse,” Hannah said. “If not, I would take my own life and that of my son and unborn baby. But God revealed Himself to me through the love and kindness of Pastor Richie and Melissa.”

The Howards accepted Hanna unconditionally, taking her into their home and sharing the gospel message.

“This was a shock to me because we were strangers to them,” Hannah said. “They showed me the love of God. I had never experienced such a love before.”

When she visited First Baptist Church, Hanna sensed the grace of God and knew that He had answered her prayer.

“Since that day, my life has never been the same. Jesus has become my guiding light, my source of strength, and my constant companion,” she said. “He has brought healing and restoration to areas of my life that were once broken. His love and grace have transformed me from the inside out. Today, I am internally grateful for the journey that led me to Jesus.”

In February, Hanna gave birth to a daughter with Richie and Melissa Howard by her side.

This amazing testimony exemplifies the remarkable things that can happen when local churches work side by side with pregnancy centers. Through its Making Life Disciples program, national conferences, and other initiatives, Care Net is committed to helping local churches partner with pregnancy centers to provide compassion, hope, and help to the abortion-vulnerable women and men.

On Easter Sunday, Hannah was baptized by Richie Howard at First Baptist Church. She was buried with Christ through baptism, and raised to walk in newness of life.

“I am never going back to my old life,” she said. “I will worship God for the rest of my life and tell everyone that I am redeemed a child of God.”