When I came into leadership in pregnancy center ministry, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I learned a lot quickly, mostly by trial and error! Those were hard years because I was trying to lead to the best of my ability, but I was still trying to understand the depth of pregnancy center ministry, figure out what I was doing, and learn how to lead. Does that sound like you? 

Although I had a background in education and an MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration, that still did not fully prepare me for being an Executive Director. What I needed was an educational program made specifically for pregnancy center leaders. Realizing this, I decided years ago that I would invest in any professional development I could to enhance my leadership, my vision, and my wisdom to better equip my team and the mission of the pregnancy center. If the Lord entrusted me to steward this ministry then I wanted to do my very best and take advantage of the learning tools available for me.

After my first few years, Care Net released a course entitled Caring Foundations. My world changed! I thought, “Why couldn’t this course have existed when I was brand new?” I finally had clarity for the call of the pregnancy center that God called me to lead. The light bulb finally turned on! 

This past year, Care Net took it a step deeper from Caring Foundations and launched a course especially for pregnancy center executive leaders, Organizational Essentials. I was so excited that I accidentally pre-registered twice! I knew that this course was also going to be a game changer. Friends, I was not let down. 

I take these courses so that I can grow as a leader to bless the pregnancy center, but God always seems to come back and bless me during the process. In this course, I grew in how I communicate with others, in wisdom, and in my walk with the Lord. As always, I told myself, “I wish this class existed when I was brand new!” It didn’t then, but it does now, and I am so glad I dedicated the time and energy to complete this course when I did. If I’d waited, I know I’d have thought, “I wish I would have taken this years ago!” 

And now not only am I an excited graduate of Organizational Essentials, I’m the instructor! I’ll be leading my first course starting February 1st, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. I would love if you joined me on this journey. 

If you do, one of the most helpful, inspiring things you will encounter are the course projects. One project regarding board leadership allowed me to have an eye-opening interview with one of our board members. That one conversation was so valuable for the advancement of the ministry, and it only happened because I took this course! 

My leadership was challenged during this course and I know yours will be, too. Through Organizational Essentials I identified one of my personal weaknesses – I can overcomplicate how I share the gospel with others. I am thankful this was addressed because I always want to know how I can do better. Right now, our entire team is also memorizing our mission statement together and our “elevator speech” because of what I learned.

I considered this course an investment when I enrolled. I believe I will continue to see the return of investment for years to come based on what I learned. Now, I am humbled and honored to transition from learner to instructor. Come with me, as we dig in together and grow as leaders in this great ministry that God has called us to

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