Lansdowne, VA – Tiffany Cusick has experienced a whirlwind of excitement, heartbreak, and hope in the last twelve months. She suffered rejection by her church family after becoming pregnant, found compassion and support at her local pregnancy center, and now looks forward to earning an undergraduate degree, thanks to a full tuition scholarship from Regent University, in partnership with Care Net. Through it all, she credits God for her resilience: “He has made His faithfulness clear. I have no doubt that He will continue to display His faithfulness in my life as I look to Him in every step that I take.”

Last year, Tiffany’s future seemed established. She had a church family and was engaged to the pastor’s son. But in October 2020, she and her fiancé found out they were pregnant. Overwhelmed with fear at how people may respond, they headed to Planned Parenthood. But as they sat in the parking lot, Tiffany heard God’s voice. “The Lord assured me that He was with me and would carry me through whatever was to come with choosing life,” she remembers.

Tragically, Tiffany’s initial fears came true. After learning about her pregnancy, her fiancé’s family and the church they led turned their back on her and her engagement ended. In the aftermath, she faced a crossroads. “I realized I could in – my feelings of pain and betrayal – either fall away from God or believe what He spoke to me and lean into him.” Tiffany courageously continued relying on God.  He led her to Alcove Health, a life-affirming pregnancy center in Newport News, VA that supported Tiffany’s decision to choose life. 

“I was able to not only have an ultrasound and see my baby, but I was offered encouragement and prayer,” Tiffany said. She has also completed parenting courses through the center and received free material resources to help her care for her daughter. “They have really been just such a positive impact on me. And even now I know that if I needed something I could call and they would do everything in their power to help me.” 

She has also found a new church family that has extended love and encouragement in ways she says she’d never experienced before. And in June, 2021, she gave birth to her daughter. “[God] has blessed me with the greatest gift of a beautiful baby girl,” she says.

Tiffany was enthusiastically nominated for the Regent scholarship by Sheri Coker, a client advocate at Alcove Health. Sheri repeatedly praised Tiffany’s courage, determination, and strong faith in God. 

“When asked about any challenge she has faced or may face in the future, Tiffany’s first response is to speak of her complete confidence that the Lord will enable her to complete all that He calls her to do. She reminds us of the Proverbs 31 woman who is clothed with strength and dignity and can laugh at the days to come,” Sheri wrote. She also commended Tiffany’s, “God-given ability to act wisely, even in fearful situations. She is hopeful about her future because she trusts God.”

Tiffany plans to study theology and Christian ministry at Regent. “Growing up, I said, ‘I don’t know what I want to do, I just know I want to help people,'” she shared. When she heard about the scholarship opportunity, she felt God was providing a way for her to pursue her desire to work in a field that serves women and children.

Her daughter’s birth is another motivation for her to complete her degree. “Being a single mother has really increased my belief in the importance of a good education. I want to first handedly exemplify that importance, while also setting myself up for success to provide a good life for her.”

Erin Forsythe, Care Net’s Vice President of Strategic Programs, and Kathleen Patterson, Director of the Doctorate of Strategic Leadership Program at Regent University and Care Net board member presented the scholarship to Cusick on August 26th in front of pregnancy center leaders from across North America. 

After accepting the scholarship, Tiffany thanked Care Net affiliated pregnancy centers, saying “You all are a big part of why my beautiful daughter is here today.”

You can watch the presentation here:

Tiffany is the 10th client of a Care Net affiliated pregnancy center to receive the scholarship from Regent.

Care Net and Regent University plan to give another pregnancy center client a full-tuition scholarship at next year’s Care Net National Conference in Phoenix, AZ, August 22-25. The application process will begin next summer.

Clients are nominated by their local pregnancy center, submitting applications that are reviewed by a scholarship committee at Care Net. A successful applicant demonstrates strong leadership potential, determination, academic aptitude, and the ability to thrive in Regent’s rigorous program. Recipients exemplify the extraordinary courage and resilience demonstrated by all parents who choose life for their unborn children despite an unexpected or unexpectedly difficult pregnancy situation.

Ursula Penn, the first scholarship recipient to graduate from Regent, matriculated on May 6, 2016 and another scholarship recipient, Lizzie Burton, matriculated in May, 2020.

Regent also offers a 25 percent tuition discount to employees of Care Net affiliated pregnancy centers and their spouses, and dependents. The college is one of the highest-ranking universities in the nation and is the #1 online accredited university, according to

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