Conference_Hero_2016-300635-edited.pngAt its recent 2016 National Conference, Care Net, a nonprofit organization that supports one of the nation’s largest network of pregnancy centers, presented special awards to its affiliated centers and to its longest serving leaders for their exemplary work serving the women and men in their communities.

Seven awards for excellence were presented by Care Net, recognizing the accomplishments of centers in 2015 in the following categories:

  • The Guy Condon Presidential Award was created to honor a center with a holistic approach to client care, including a focus on healthy marriage, fatherhood, and motherhood. This center also engages local churches in providing ongoing “life-support” for women and couples. The winner of the 2016 award was Pregnancy Resources, with locations in Moline, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa, directed by Susan Skoglund.
  • An award for Spiritual Support was presented to urban, suburban, and rural centers with a successful focus on including spiritual care in their holistic services. The recipients were:
    • High Desert Pregnancy Clinic in Yucca Valley, CA (rural)
    • Choose Life of North Alabama in Huntsville, AL (suburban)
    • Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, NV (urban)
  • The Critical Client Award was presented to the rural, suburban, and urban centers with the highest number of critical clients facing life-altering pregnancy decisions.  The recipients were:
    • Options Pregnancy Center in Cabot, AR (rural)
    • Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central TX in Waco, TX (suburban)
    • Women’s Resource Center in Mobile, AL (urban)

Care Net selected the above winners from nominees within its network of over 1,100 affiliated pregnancy centers.

Care Net President and CEO Roland C. Warren praised the award recipients: “As we work together to build a pro abundant life movement, it is our pleasure to recognize the excellence of these centers as they provide material, emotional, and spiritual support to women and men facing pregnancy decisions.”

In addition, Care Net presented its Teal Heart Award to pregnancy center leaders based on their years of service to those making pregnancy decisions in their communities. 

  • 27 leaders received the 5-year award.
  • 15 leaders received the 10-year award.
  • 6 leaders received the 15-year award.
  • 8 leaders received the 20-year award.
  • 3 leaders received the 25-year award.

A full list of the award recipients follows.

Care Net Vice President of Center Services and Client Care Cynthia Hopkins said, “Thanks to the dedication of these leaders, tens of thousands of women and men have been empowered to make life-affirming pregnancy decisions and have been supported in their choices with compassion, hope, and help.”


5 Years of Service

Charla Bennet, Donna Besler, Dana Blankenship, Ruth Joy Capozzi, Cheryl Cresswell, Carrie Eckhardt, Eileen Fahlgren, Laura Hanrahan, Sissy Hedrick, Dorinda Hendry, Cynthia Johanson, Brenda Knollenberg, Victoria Koloff, Lisa Lumpkin, Kelly Madden, Scott Maynes, Maureen Metcalf, Joyce Moropoulos, Susan Perez, Shealeta Reed, Holly Snyder, Laura Squier, Alycia Thomas, Tracy Ullrey, Kathryn Wade, Colleen Ward, Janet Wright.

10 Years of Service

Debbie Chandler, Linda Davis, Jack Hoogendyk, Nancy Kearney, Candice Keller, Aleisa Mckim, Tricia Parker, Debbie Provencher, SuNell Pyeatt, Linda Smith, Holly West, Patti White,  Angel Wicker, Leah Wray,  Rayma Zugel.

15 Years of Service

Mary LeQuieu, Terry Luna, Lisa Maloney, Jamie Mather, Vikki Parker, Gina Russell.

20 Years of Service

Beverly Desrosiers, Zsa Zsa Johnson, Janet Kimes, Vivian Maly, Dion McAlarney, Kerry Moffett, Linda Stewart, Laura Williams.

25 Years of Service

Katie Mehne, Rhonda Watson, Melinda Gardner.

Care Net will present next year’s awards at its annual National Conference in Washington, D.C. from August 29 – September 1, 2017.

Founded in 1975, Care Net, supports the largest network of pregnancy centers in North America. Care Net envisions a culture where women and men facing pregnancy decisions are empowered by the gospel of Jesus Christ to choose life for their unborn children and abundant life for their families. Acknowledging that every human life begins at conception and is worthy of protection, Care Net offers compassion, hope, and help to anyone considering abortion by presenting them with realistic alternatives and Christ-centered support through its life-affirming network of pregnancy centers, organizations, and individuals. Learn more at