An undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood is shedding light on abortion industry practices that Coaching-265x157were previously unknown to patients and the public. 

A second video was released yesterday showing a senior Planned Parenthood representative discussing what she would consider acceptable compensation for fetal parts harvested during abortions. More videos are expected to follow.

Seeing professional abortionists talk as if the aborted fetus is only valuable for her organs and tissue can be deeply disturbing. For some who have experienced abortion, this may trigger feelings of anger, resentment, and having being used. For others, the videos and discussion surrounding them may bring up feelings of loss, grief, shame, and regret.

Care Net Centers have the opportunity to share faith-based compassion and hope through their abortion recovery programs and studies.

Centers should be prepared:

  • For an increase in abortion recovery inquiries – As the videos come out, women in your community may be seeking help. Alert your abortion recovery team that women may be looking for your programs.

  • To update your community leaders – Consider sharing a timely update on the availability of your abortion recovery group with women’s shelter staff, clergy, women’s prison officials, mothers of preschoolers groups and other places where women relate.

  • With information about how you can help – Joining an abortion recovery group is a big step. Potential participants will want to know that the center is a safe place where their stories will be respected. They will want to know what to expect from your group and hear how other people have found healing.

As the realities of abortion become obvious to women in our communities, they will need safe places to process their reactions. When unwanted thoughts and feelings surface months or even years after an abortion, it takes courage to face them.

Local centers understand the conflicted emotional responses women may have to an abortion. With the help of your experienced abortion recovery facilitators, many women and men have already found forgiveness, wholeness, and peace. Now, you can offer that same healing experience to those are becoming aware of how their baby’s body was used – how they were used – for the first time.

 This post is adapted from 5 Ways Centers Should Respond to Planned Parenthood’s Involvement in Fetal Tissue Harvesting, which originally appeared on the private, affiliate-access portion of this site. 

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