Lauren’s* heart skipped a beat when she saw her positive pregnancy test. As the truth sank in, her past flashed in front of her eyes. She remembered when Jesus came into her life many years prior and how alive it made her feel. But those good feelings were eclipsed by the loneliness and guilt that came on after she walked away from church. Everything after that was blur of memories she’d rather not remember.

It all seemed so unreal.

How did she go from that young woman who dedicated her life to Christ to someone who was seriously considering getting an abortion? Desperate, she decided to do a little research. Browsing on her phone, she found the number for Care Net’s national hotline thanks to your support that enables Care Net to advertise online and have a social media presence. 

As she told her story, the calming voice of the hotline coach reassured her that God could forgive her. Lauren was stunned beyond words! She knew all about Jesus’ love and forgiveness, but she had turned away from Him. Could God really love her enough to forgive all she’d done

The coach reassured Lauren that the cross covered every sin. She emphasized that God wanted Lauren to turn to Him. Stepping away from the call, Lauren felt a surge of hope that she hadn’t felt in years.

Thanks to your faithful and generous support, Lauren was able to hear the truth about God’s love and forgiveness. You help women and men faced with pregnancy decisions hear the good news that they can be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, empowered to choose life for their unborn children, and choose abundant life for their families. 

Please pray for Lauren, and other women like her, to see the love and forgiveness available to them through Jesus Christ, and that Lauren would find a local pregnancy center to help her choose life for her unborn baby.