About six years ago, God started to speak into my heart about the need for His Church to do more to care for women and men considering abortion. As a parachurch ministry, I knew that Care Net was instrumental in this work, but God kept reminding me that without the Church, there can’t be a parachurch! 

These thoughts turned into conversations at Care Net, and those conversations became our Making Life Disciples initiative.

After conducting an important national survey of women who’ve had abortions – which revealed that 2 in 5 women who had abortions were regularly attending church at the time of their first abortion – we formally launched the Making Life Disciples resource in 2016. 

In the last four years, we have learned so much about God’s faithfulness and His desire for us to do things in His time. He has been so faithful in helping us get the Making Life Disciples resource into over a thousand pregnancy centers and churches, allowing us to equip the church to better provide compassion, hope, and help to women and men considering abortion. 

We have launched MakingLifeDisciples.com where folks like you — church-going, God-honoring Christians — can sign up to bring Making Life Disciples to their own churches. So far, over 3,500 of you have done so! 

And we’ve also learned that the best timing is God’s timing. Do I wish Making Life Disciples was already in all 400,000 churches in our nation? Yes! But I am trusting in God as he helps us undertake the slow, steady, learning-focused growth that is necessary for such a big undertaking – one that will ultimately transform the way believers “¦ and our nation “¦  respond to the abortion crisis. 

And this is where you can help! You and your church can learn how to become Life Disciples. Visit MakingLifeDisciples.com to sign up, and one of our coordinators will get in touch with you to help you bring Making Life Disciples to your own church. 

I am excited about what God will do through this initiative this year, knowing that you can be a huge part of it, too!