Mixed in between star-studded commercials for insurance, M&M’s, and beer, was one pro-life ad that just might make you cry.

The spot features Paralympic swimmer, Jessica Long. Long, the “Michael Phelps” of the Paralympic games, has 13 gold medals and 52 world championships. She participated in her first Paralympic games in Athens at the age of 12. And now, she plans to compete in her 5th Paralympic games this summer in Tokyo. She has accomplished these amazing feats having had both of her legs below the knees amputated.

But there’s so much more to Jessica Long’s story than just success in the swimming pool. That’s what this beautiful commercial displayed for the world on Super Bowl Sunday. The ad shows the tremendous blessing of parents who aren’t afraid to affirm life, even when they know what they’re signing up for may be challenging.

The commercial begins with footage of a woman swimming beside a desk and then through an orphanage and eventually through what is understood as her childhood. In the background, you hear a telephone conversation between an adoption representative and Jessica’s mother, Mrs. Long. The representative tells Mrs. Long that they’ve found her a baby girl who needs to be adopted in Siberia, but that her legs will need to be amputated. She warns Mrs. Long that, “Her life, it won’t be easy”¦”

After a montage of Jessica swimming and winning medals, we finally hear Mrs. Long’s reply. “It might not be easy, but it’ll be amazing. I can’t wait to meet her!”

It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed with emotion when that long-awaited response comes.

But I wonder: What if Jessica’s birth mother had received the pre-natal diagnosis and found out that Jessica’s legs would never be “normal” and decided to get an abortion?

Or, what if Mrs. Long had responded to the adoption possibility with the words, “We’re not looking for any more problems. No thanks”?

You see, our culture’s message to women seeking abortion is this: take the route that’s better for you. Avoid the trouble and inconvenience that a child may cause you. Whatever you do, put your life first””and don’t worry about that “fetus.” Abortion may not be “easy” but your life is going to be amazing because you will be better off without the difficulty that comes with a baby.

Yet Long’s story shows us that just the opposite is true.

There’s no doubt that Jessica Long’s adoptive parents did not take the route that was most convenient for them. According to the commercial, the Longs decided to adopt Jessica before her legs had been amputated. They would have endured surgeries, prosthetic fittings, and physical therapy, all before their daughter was old enough to write her name.

Plus, raising an athlete is a job unto itself””all the swim practices, early mornings, late nights at the pool. Paying for coaches. Paying to travel to swim competitions. There’s no doubt Jessica’s swimming career has cost them something too.

The Longs’ lives may have been easier without the adoption. But, there’s no doubt they would have also been less amazing.

And the truth is, I bet they never muse over all they could have done with their extra time and money had they said “no” when they received that phone call. Instead, you can see their joy and gratitude. Yes, there was struggle. But their decision to adopt and affirm life has been full of victories, celebrations, and all of the joys of raising a daughter who became a champion despite all odds.

Toyota’s final message in the ad is that they “believe there is hope and strength in all of us.” What if Jessica Long’s story could inspire more women and men to find the hope and strength to acknowledge and appreciate life? To swim upstream against the cultural pro-abortion currents and choose abundant life for them and their unborn children?

Watch the ad titled, “Upstream” here.