Skylars Story Full Size

But abundant life in Christ for her family too!

Skylar was blindsided! When found out she was pregnant she was ecstatic, but then she found out her husband was cheating on her. She felt betrayed!

How could she have a baby now? How could she possibly take care of a child by herself? These thoughts flooded her mind. Intense anger over her husband’s infidelity led Skylar* to decide she needed to get an abortion immediately. She could not see past this unfortunate situation, and felt like ending the pregnancy was the only option.

Desperately needing someone to talk to, Skylar searched online and found Care Net’s national hotline, Pregnancy Decision Line. The coach listened, talked over the situation, prayed, and then let God do His thing.  

When the PDL coach reached back out to Skylar a few days later, she had completely changed her mind, and was going to keep the baby. Also, Skylar and her husband were beginning to heal and rebuild trust within the marriage. God had done an amazing work in their lives!

Not only were they rebuilding trust from the infidelity”” in the midst of all this, Skylar’s husband was involved in an indiscretion at work as well that could have cost him his job. By God’s grace he was able to keep his job, and through the Lord’s work in her life that started with her call to PDL, Skylar once again forgave him  

PDL not only focuses on saving babies, but the coaches care for the well-being of the whole family, seeking to offer the Good News of Jesus Christ to every caller, helping guide them into a pro abundant life relationship with the Lord, which can help women and men to ultimately choose life for their unborn child. 

Praise God Skylar and her husband chose life for their baby! But not only that, she and her husband are growing closer to each other and to God. Your support ensures there are coaches on the line to help create these stories of a life being saved, healing within a marriage, and growing in a relationship with the Lord. Your generosity offers hope to so many people! THANK YOU for being an eternal BLESSING to these parents and their children!