Few things are more important in our fight against abortion than reaching parents in  the short time between when they find out they are facing an unplanned pregnancy and when they schedule an abortion. 

According to Care Net’s research, that critical period is only 9 days

That’s right. Those of us who value the sanctity and dignity of human life only have 9 days to intervene in the life of an unborn child. And it’s probably much less time than that.  The abortion pill has emerged as the method of choice for ending the lives of unborn babies and the federal government has created an “abortion hotline” to be staffed by abortion giants that will refer for abortions. 

That’s why Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL) is absolutely necessary for the success of pro-life efforts in our nation.

In response to this information, Care Net formed PDL in 2012, and then recently relaunched PDL to meet the new needs of today’s post-Roe world. PDL is unique among national pro-life hotlines because our PDL coaches “” many of whom are registered nurses “” are trained to not only provide medically accurate information about abortion, but to also provide Christ-like compassion and hope to our callers. 

Most other pro-life hotlines only refer their callers to a pregnancy center. But, when someone calls PDL, they can talk through a pregnancy decision, receive follow-up care from their coach, and be referred to a pregnancy center. The taxpayer-funded “reproductive health” hotline will primarily refer callers to abortion clinics. 

PDL’s website ensures that people looking for information about abortion clinics and the abortion pill can find us. When they do, PDL coaches “” unlike abortion giants like Planned Parenthood “”  provide all the information needed to make a fully informed decision about their pregnancy. 

The pro-choice movement and abortion industry know you and I threaten their abortion monopoly. They push abortion, and only abortion, as the “best option” for how to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. 

But we know parents deserve more than this.  They deserve compassion and hope that could very well save the life of a precious unborn child, but also save mothers and fathers from a life-time of regret. That’s why our PDL coaches provide the Christ-centered emotional support and prayer needed to help break chains of isolation and shame.

You make this work possible. Thank you!