old_fashioned_v_50_shades_of_greyThis weekend, “50 Shades of Gray,” an erotica movie which glorifies violence and sexual abuse against non-consenting women, hits the box office. 50 Shades is being pitched as the must-see Valentine’s Day movie; however, in reality it promotes a horribly twisted “romance” that is the antithesis of true love.

While 50 Shades of Gray will probably do better at the box office this weekend, there is a David standing up to the Goliath. “Old Fashioned” is a movie portraying itself as the “anti-50 Shades of Gray film” which intends to show an old fashioned view of love and romance.

Check out Old Fashioned this weekend, and bring a friend. Take some time as well to reflect on 1 Corinthians 13, and ponder what true love actually looks like: a kind, self-sacrificing commitment to promote someone else’s best good, through all the changes of life.