Laredo, TX and Riverside County, California don’t usually share a lot in common. Except for now. During the COVID-19 crisis, they are just two out of dozens of cities and counties requiring face masks to be worn. Fines of up to $1,000 can be issued for anyone failing to cover their nose and mouth while out in public.

From New York City to Miami, and spreading west in scattered communities across the nation, failure to social distance can carry a steep fine. Standing closer than six feet from someone not in your family could carry some expensive consequences.

Whether we agree with the laws or not, we have to respect them or it’ll cost us. Most recognize that the heart behind these laws is the preservation of life. By wearing a face mask and keeping my distance, I can do my part to make sure I’m not spreading a potentially deadly virus to you. At their core, laws are enacted to protect life. Laws are in place so that I stay safe and so that you stay safe. They keep me from hurting myself and from hurting others.

But here’s what I find ironic. A pregnant woman in New York City could be fined for not wearing a mask and fined again for failure to social distance. She can stand in the street snuggled up to strangers, mask free, shouting, “My body, my choice.” But, she’ll still get a ticket. She’s broken the law, a law designed to preserve her life and the lives of those around her.

Meanwhile, that same woman can walk into a Planned Parenthood in New York City and have an abortion. She can make a choice to take another’s life and to potentially cause harm to herself, if not physically, then emotionally and mentally. Instead of protecting her life and the life of her baby, the law enables harm.

“Having a baby when you’re not ready or financially prepared also causes harm.” At least that’s what some would argue. The financial consequences of having a baby you’re not prepared to take care of are too steep, abortion advocates would insist.

But couldn’t we argue that the consequences of social distancing are just as costly. Ask any restaurant owner or hairdresser. Ask those who work in or own non-essential businesses about the toll social distancing has taken on their bank accounts. The consequences are financially devastating, yet we the people have placed a higher value on our physical lives than on our livelihoods.

Inherently, our government is pro-life. A fundamental responsibility of our legislature is to protect our people. Laws are in place to stop people from harming themselves and others. As many of these new laws assert, you don’t get to decide whether or not wearing face masks and social distancing are good for you, personally. You must concede to a greater good. You can shout, “My body, my choice” in regards to COVID-19 restrictions, but you won’t be heard. Isn’t it time we view abortion in the same way?

This is a time like few others in our history; a time when we are doing everything we can possibly can to fight for life, even at great financial cost. As a result, I pray that God grants our leaders new eyes to see just how unnecessary abortion truly is, because we have the ability to save the lives of the unborn and empower them to experience ABUNDANT life.