Keenan* thought life was going pretty well. The pandemic and economic shutdowns had been tough to deal with, but at least he got to spend more time with his girlfriend, Casey.* They’d seen more of each other over the last few months than ever before. He was beginning to think that this relationship might be “the one.” The more time they spent with each other, the more natural it felt.

They were even beginning to talk about what their future could look like.

Then, Casey found out she was pregnant and Keenan’s confidence in the future was shattered.

How could he be a father right now? Things were still difficult for them financially and neither of them were at the place where parenting seemed like a realistic option.

Casey was waiting for him to give her his thoughts before deciding what to do. She said this was their baby and it would be their decision.

So, Keenan told her he would research their options and get back to her. Thanks to your generous partnership, he saw an ad online for Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line and called the number.

As soon as the coach heard their situation, she began to ask him questions about his fears and hopes to help him consider the implications of fatherhood. The more they talked, the more he came to realize that he wanted to be there for his child. That, as unplanned and inconvenient as this situation was, this baby was his son or daughter. He knew he didn’t want to end his or her life in an abortion.

He had no illusions that the road ahead would be easy. It wouldn’t. But it would be worth it.

How did Casey take the news that Keenan wanted to embrace fatherhood? She was so excited that she quickly began to shop for baby clothes.

You see, our research into abortion found that the father of the child is the most influential voice in a woman’s pregnancy decision””more influential than her parents, friends, or any abortion provider. Women like Casey look to their partners to commit to support them and their babies. They don’t want to face the difficult road of unplanned pregnancy and parenthood alone.

Indeed, God’s plan is for no woman to face this road alone. His design is for women and men, united together in marriage, to bring children into this world together.

Thanks to you, Keenan and Casey embraced this calling. Thanks to you, their precious baby will meet his or her parents soon and discover their courageous choice.  

*name changed to protect client privacy