Gina* had butterflies in her stomach. This was her first week as a Life Mentor, and she was eager for things to get rolling. It seemed like only yesterday that the Pastor was announcing the start of the Making Life Disciples course at her church. 

This was a great opportunity to speak the truth in a way that could have a life-changing impact. More than that, the conversations they’d be having could make an eternal difference. Now that everything was in place, Gina was wondering the same thing as everyone else: when were they going to meet that first mom who needed their help?

As it turned out, she didn’t have long to wait.

At her local pregnancy center, Gina was introduced to a young woman named Monica*. Gina made every effort to ensure that Monica felt safe. When she was comfortable, Monica confessed that she had scheduled an abortion for next week. It was startling to hear, but because of her MLD training Gina was prepared to calmly talk through the implications of an abortion with Monica.

Monica explained that when she set her appointment she was alone, and didn’t have anyone to turn to for help. Gina remembered that fear was one of the biggest factors that caused mothers to make a quick, yet costly, decision to choose abortion for their unborn children.

After talking for a while Gina could tell that Monica was still unsure about her decision. Gina reassured her that she and her church were there to help Monica get the long-term support she needed. She explained that they were here for her now, they would help her get through her pregnancy, but more than that, they would be there for her for as long as she needed. Monica was overwhelmed by this information. She had no idea there were people right in her community who would care for her like this. 

By the time their session was over, Gina and Monica had traded cell numbers and were already talking about getting together next week. They had made a connection!

Thanks to your generous support, more and more churches have been trained to come alongside frightened women like Monica to offer compassion, hope, and help. Please pray for God to bring even more churches and individuals into Care Net’s life-affirming network to help close the gaps”¦ to be there long-term to love and support parents and families in their choices for life.

If you or your church are interested in taking our Making Life Disciples course online, now is the time. You can take the course for free and be ready to support women like Monica with the code MLDFREE20!

*name changed