By Giving Them Everything They Needed to Make the Next Big Step

It’s harder than ever to raise a family in the world today—especially for new parents.

When Darren* called Pregnancy Decision Line, abortion was his first choice. It was hard enough for him and his girlfriend, Kim*, to get by with what little they had.

But as Care Net’s hotline coach, Liz*, shared that their local pregnancy center could provide them with some of the basics free of charge… Darren had second thoughts. Earning diapers, clothes, and baby formula just by doing things like taking parenting classes could make things so much easier.

He started to really believe that maybe life with a baby was possible.

Darren told Liz their ZIP code, and she looked up the nearest pregnancy center.

When Liz found one nearby, Darren wrote the address down and ended the call. He and Kim talked it over for a few minutes and then decided it wouldn’t hurt to take a look.

They were so glad they did!

You’re Equipping Parents… For Life

Not only did the pregnancy center have almost everything they needed, but they even had a list of nearby churches who could help meet some of the other needs! Overwhelmed, Kim had to step outside for a few minutes to process. She and Darren talked and decided they wanted to keep this baby. They called Liz on speaker to share the great news.

Liz was over the moon!

Before the call ended, Liz also told Darren about Doctor Dad®—a free resource that teaches new dads practical skills and gives them confidence to be a great partner to help care for their babies. This took a load off of Darren’s mind. But, more than the peace of mind, they both felt supported in their decision. It was good to know people out there who cared about them.

Thanks to your generosity, stories like Darren and Kim’s happen every day. Abortion giants like Planned Parenthood let frightened parents believe that they’re all alone. But you stand with those moms and dads and provide them with a network of support through pregnancy centers and churches. More than that, you provide them with the tools they need to provide their children with the abundant life God would have for them.

Thank you for being there for them!