In June, the town of Waskom, Texas became the first declared “sanctuary city for the unborn.” The town council voted unanimously to protect life and created a city ordinance preventing any abortion clinics from operating within the town.

In July, the town of Mineral Wells, Texas tried to follow suit. But the town council voted 5-2 against their Mayor’s proposal to prohibit clinics that perform abortions from operating in the city limits.

Even if “sanctuary cities” boomed conceptually””making a strong statement of pro-life values in towns across the U.S.””there’s a good chance their ordinances would get overturned by state and federal courts.

But what if I told you there was a way to make sure that every city in the United States contained a sanctuary for the unborn? What if I told you that these sanctuaries were not only legal, but would save more lives than any government proclamation against abortion? What are these sanctuaries, you ask? Care Net’s network of affiliated pregnancy centers.

You see outlawing abortion in a particular town doesn’t solve the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy. In many cases, an expecting mom who thinks abortion is her best or only option will just travel to another place to get the services she’s looking for.

But, pregnancy centers offer expectant parents a more effective alternative. When a pregnant mom or couple comes into a pregnancy center, they feel loved, accepted, valued, and safe. They’re provided with compassion, hope, and help. Pregnancy centers aren’t just a sanctuary for a mom facing an unplanned pregnancy””they’re a refuge for women and men desperate for assistance.

When you invest time and resources to support your local pregnancy center, you are helping make your city a “sanctuary city” for the unborn. You are helping making abortion unthinkable for the moms and dads in your community.

Want to make an even bigger impact? Then consider starting or joining a Making Life Disciples group at your church. Care Net’s national study on abortion found that two out of five women who had abortions were attending church once a month or more at the time of their abortion. Many women believed that their church had no resources to assist them with their pregnancies. You can ensure that your congregation is ready to provide someone facing a difficult pregnancy decision with the hope and help of Christ. You can also build a bridge between your church and local pregnancy center so that clients are able to find lasting discipleship, accountability, and fellowship.  

Though the concept of pro-life sanctuary cities isn’t likely to take off, you can play a key role in creating safe havens for the unborn across the United States by becoming part of what our affiliated pregnancy centers and church partners are doing. To find your nearest affiliated center, please click here.

To join our growing grassroots network of volunteers transforming the church’s response to abortion, click here.