Even when a pregnancy is planned, nine months of carrying a baby can be a stressful, confusing, and difficult time in a woman’s life. If a pregnancy is unplanned or unintended””then take that stress, confusion, and uncertainty and multiply it, several times over.

Sometimes, even as Christians, it’s hard to remember that one of our best resources for helping others is always prayer. Here are eight different ways you can pray for women who are expecting babies.

Whether you know someone who’s pregnant or just want to pray these prayers generally over women in your church or community who are expecting, use this list to help focus your prayers for women going through this unique time in life. These prayers can make a difference, especially for women who weren’t planning to be pregnant and may feel uncertainty about keeping their child.

1. Pray for her health: First pregnancies especially may feel strange for a woman. From morning sickness to sleepless nights, pregnancy can create health issues for the new mother. As her body changes and grows, she may experience discomfort everywhere! Pray that the pregnant mom would stay healthy, strong, and be able to rest well during her pregnancy.

2. Pray for wisdom: Pray that the pregnant mom will have wisdom throughout her pregnancy to make choices that are good for both her and her baby.

3. Pray for endurance: Nine months can feel like a long time to be pregnant, especially if the pregnancy wasn’t something a woman planned. Pray that pregnant moms would “not grow weary in well doing” as they carry and nurture new life.

4. Pray for peace: Between hormones and the impending life change that having a baby creates, pregnant moms can feel stressed-out, nervous, and fearful. Pray that God would fill the pregnant women you know with supernatural peace. That he would calm their nerves, remind them of his love and care for them, and settle their minds.

5. Pray for divine vision: Pray that God would give the pregnant mothers you know a vision for their babies’ futures. Pray that God would fill her with a dream for her child and a vision for her baby to live an abundant life.

6. Pray for support: We all need people we can depend on. Pregnant moms need people they can rely on for help in both practical and emotional ways. Care Net affiliated pregnancy centers offer this to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Pray that these women would be supported by their partners and that these men would want to take an active role in the life of the baby. Pray for marriages to take place where appropriate so that these new lives can be raised with a mother and a father. Also pray for support systems to encourage them to make life-affirming decisions.

7. Pray for healing: Especially if a pregnancy was unplanned or if the relationship that resulted in the pregnancy has become broken, pray for healing for the pregnant mom’s heart. Pray that God would restore and encourage her, reminding her of her value and worth through him. Pray also that God would bring reconciliation so the mom can experience increased emotional health as she enters the world of motherhood.

8. Pray for her joy: Through all the uncertainty, life changes, and emotions that come with pregnancy, pray that she would be filled with the joy of the Lord. Pray that this would be her strength and that she would experience his joy as she carries a precious child in her womb.