4_for_HerTo celebrate our 40th anniversary, Care Net has created a series of sharable images, perfect for pregnancy center use on client-focused social media. These images, designed with millennial women in mind, coordinate with Care Net’s best-selling options education resource, Before You Decide

For example, many of these images might appropriately be shared with a message like this:

Pregnant? Not in the plan? Get answers to your questions and information about all your options. Private, cost-free consultation & resources. Immediate appointments available. [your URL]

Centers MAY NOT alter these images, but MAY share them accompanied by their own messaging. Messaging should always be clear about the services the center offers and landing pages on linked websites should also be clear about the services the center does not offer, such as abortions and referrals for abortion or potentially life-ending pharmaceuticals. 

1. Feelings


2. How?


3. Be You


4. Choices?


Care Net pregnancy centers can access full size versions of these images as well as multiple sample text options to accompany each image on our private, affiliate-access only online community. Become a Care Net affiliate and take advantage of everything we offer to member pregnancy centers. 


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