BlogSuccessStory1_Blog.jpgHow Your Support Gave a Couple Hope and SAVED A LIFE!

LeighAnne* had just lost a baby. A stillbirth had robbed her of their firstborn, and it was a loss she still felt and mourned. How could she possibly be pregnant again?

That’s the situation LeighAnne found herself in, and she needed help. She needed help now.

She searched the Internet for information on pregnancy resource centers in her area. When LeighAnne found Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL) website, she immediately called the number listed.

One of our pregnancy decision coaches answered the call, and it was readily apparent that the young woman on the other end of the line was really suffering.

LeighAnne explained to the coach about her first child, and that, when LeighAnne thought she had conceived again, she decided to take the Morning After Pill, thinking it was best.

But God had different plans. The Morning After Pill didn’t work, and LeighAnne and the child’s father discovered that LeighAnne was still pregnant.

God Closes a Door”¦ and Opens a Window

The pregnancy decision coach happily gave the contact information for a local pregnancy center to LeighAnne”¦ and so much more than what the young expectant mother had bargained for.

As LeighAnne spoke to the PDL coach, she shared how truly shaken she was emotionally, mentally, and physically. Specially trained to share the Gospel in these delicate situations, the PDL coach saw the opening to share the love and hope found in Christ and gently began to turn the discussion towards the spiritual.

LeighAnne had gone to church as a child and knew about Jesus, but she knew that she didn’t have a relationship with Him. The pregnancy decision coach boldly shared the Gospel with LeighAnne, told her of the love the Lord had for her, her baby, and her baby’s father. . . and of the comfort and strength as only He could provide during this complicated time in their lives.

Your support makes these opportunities possible. It provides critical resources and training for Pregnancy Decision Line and our network of 1,100 affiliated pregnancy centers, making them an effective and compassionate voice, not only for life, but for God’s Kingdom.

Because of an overwhelming number of client calls going unanswered in 2015, we stepped out in faith and expanded Pregnancy Decision Line’s capacity.

But we need your generous, tax-deductible gift today! We need to raise $473,000 by June 30th to overcome a CRITICAL budget shortfall, to meet the needs of Pregnancy Decision Line and other critical Care Net initiatives and make even greater strides in the new fiscal year.

The Transforming Power of the Gospel

After sharing some passages from Scripture, the coach let LeighAnne know that she and her unborn child’s father would find ongoing support they needed at her local pregnancy center.

But, even after they ended their phone call, the parts of God’s word that the PDL coach had shared made a deep and lasting impact on LeighAnne and she found herself transformed. She felt empowered to trust God and to CHOOSE LIFE.

She was so encouraged, that she also shared the scriptures with the father of her child!

From a failed dose of the Morning After Pill to a Pregnancy Decision Line coach ready and able to share the Gospel, the Holy Spirit was moving and preparing LeighAnne for a deeper relationship with Jesus. And a local pregnancy center was ready and waiting to give two frightened parents the ongoing emotional and spiritual support they needed to prepare for the arrival of their new baby. 

Your support was able to take this couple from a place of death to an embracing of life”¦.to a mother’s decision for an ABUNDANT LIFE with Christ at its center for herself and her child.

When the pregnancy decision coach called LeighAnne back to check in, she could tell immediately that this once complicated situation had been transformed! The two parents are trusting God to equip them to be good partners and parents, and joyous to be welcoming their baby into the world.

Thank you for the miracles you make possible at Care Net every day with your support!

* Name changed to protect the identity of our client.