The power of prayer is essential in the pro-abundant life movement.

In 1985, a small group of Christians began to pray outside the Chattanooga Women’s Clinic, the city’s only abortion clinic. As the Lord led, they opened an office across the street where they could share the truth and meet the needs of women who saw abortion as their only option. Believers continued to pray fervently for an end to abortion in their city, meeting early Sunday mornings in the clinic’s parking lot.

Prayers for Life

In 1993, the clinic’s building went up for sale, its owner declaring bankruptcy. Through a series of unexplainable events, the Pro-Life Coalition of Chattanooga was able to buy the building, by the grace of God. The abortion clinic never reopened.

This amazing story, written by Patricia Lindley, is one of the testimonies in Care Net’s Prayers for Life 40-Day Devotional. As 2023 begins, this eBook will help Christians and their families focus on the life-changing, culture-transforming power of the Gospel as they seek to live as pro-abundant life ambassadors.

Each daily reading in Prayers for Life was submitted by staff and volunteers in Care Net’s network of over 1,200 affiliated pregnancy centers. The devotions are first-hand accounts of how God saves babies through the compassionate work of pregnancy centers, draws broken people to himself, and moves in mighty ways to bring grace, restoration, and healing.

In a devotional entitled “The Results,” Lindsey Sikes writes about experiencing mixed feelings of excitement, doubt, and fear of inadequacy when she became the director of a pregnancy center soon after graduating college. But those feelings quickly changed when a client came by with her newborn son:

“She walked in and laid her baby in my lap. I unwrapped the blanket to look at his fingers and toes. The client told me how she had wanted to have an abortion; she had felt like she had no choice. But at the center, she found hope and help. I was holding the result of her choice to choose life.”

Roland Warren, the CEO and President of Care Net, wrote the fortieth and final devotional in Prayers for Life. In “It’s Time to Rise, ” Roland focuses on the power of the resurrection and the hope found in the Gospel, despite how dark and dire circumstances may look:

“Every day, women and men across our nation experience their own Good Friday as they face unexpected””or unexpectedly complicated””pregnancies. Abortion activists tell them that their dreams, finances, and life plans are dead if their children live. Our society leads them to believe that abortion is their only option.”

“However, we know the Resurrection story. We are people of the risen Jesus. Because Christ rose from the dead, we know that these women and men can also rise from the darkness of their circumstances and find abundant life in Him.”

Will you join Care Net in praying daily for the pro-abundant life movement? Visit Prayers for Life Devotional to get started.