Blog_Success_Story_2.jpg“I don’t want to
disappoint her.”

How You Encouraged One Mom to Face Her Fears”¦ and Saved Her Baby’s Life! 

When Kara found out she was pregnant, she was scared. Really scared. She wasn’t financially ready, and she was fearful her family wouldn’t support her. She especially didn’t want to disappoint her mother. As a result, she was considering an abortion.

When she searched online, she found Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL). She called in and found a compassionate, caring coach who listened to her, and then talked her through her options.

On the call, Kara learned about the details of the abortion procedure, how adoptions work and how many different kinds of adoption there are, and the joys and challenges of parenting.

The coach then opened up about her own experience as a woman facing an unintended pregnancy. She shared her struggle over what to do, and ultimately the joy when she chose life despite the challenges she still had to face.

Having someone at the other end of the phone who had personally wrestled with the same decision made a world of difference for Kara. Knowing that the person she talked to had chosen life and succeeded inspired Kara. 

These are the moments””the life-altering, life-saving connections””that you make possible with your generous support.

As we enter a new year of ministry, we need to continue meeting the needs of women like Kara. This month, we need to raise $395,000 to reach even more women and men considering abortion through PDL and our network of over 1,100 life-affirming affiliated pregnancy centers. 

When Kara heard how a church had provided materially and emotionally for the PDL coach, she felt encouraged and empowered. And she CHOSE LIFE for her baby!

Thank you for your gift today and your partnership in this amazing ministry!