Every step in the pregnancy journey is crucial. The first visit, the pregnancy test, that first ultrasound, and the care and support you get throughout the pregnancy””all matter. And, spoiler alert: abortion clinics and pregnancy centers define help and support much differently. One new research study digs deeper into these life-altering moments. The researchers recently paired 445 abortion clinics with nearby crisis pregnancy centers. In all 50 states, the data was collected and analyzed. Most of the research centered around wait times, appointments, testing, and services. What do you think they found?

In this newest episode of CareCast, Care Net’s podcast on faith, family, and life””Roland Warren, Care Net’s President and CEO, and Vincent DiCaro, Care Net’s Chief Outreach Officer, sit down to look at the research and compare pregnancy centers to abortion clinics. Let’s listen in as Roland and Vince discuss the findings from this new research.

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Contraception, a peer-reviewed academic journal that is in no way, shape, or form a pro-life publication. They conducted a study and found pro-life pregnancy centers offer better services than abortion clinics.

The study provides strong statistical evidence that pro-life pregnancy centers offer better and less expensive services than abortion facilities.

The study found that pregnancy centers had:

  • shorter appointment wait times than abortion facilities
  • are considerably more likely to offer same-day appointments
  • abortion facilities frequently charge for pregnancy tests and ultrasounds whereas pregnancy help centers almost never charge for these services

Look up the study. It confirms what we’ve known for years. Pregnancy centers offer incredibly high-quality services that far exceed the alternative abortion clinics.

Here are a few stats from the study:

Same-Day Pregnancy Visits Offered:

  • 68% of Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • 32% of Abortion Clinics

Pregnancy test costs:

  • Free at most Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • $24 at most Abortion Clinics

Ultrasound costs:

  • Free at most Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • $162 at most Abortion Clinics

Care Net is grateful for this study. As you well know, we have the blessing of helping the work of pregnancy centers provide the services and ministry mentioned in this study. We’ve had over 940,000 lives saved since 2008 and over one million gospel presentations.

Transactional Versus Transformational

This study confirms what we’ve known for years””but the public seems to miss: pregnancy centers are transformational. We are not simply focusing on the physical situation, we are doing the difficult work of connecting you physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially in much the same way that Jesus did with those to whom He ministered.

Think about it: why did Jesus come to earth? Could He not have simply healed people from heaven? Why, in Scripture, do we read about Jesus coming to earth and talking to those He healed? Because Jesus wanted a relationship with us. He healed the woman with the issue of blood. He wanted her to be fully restored in her relationship to Him. Healing wasn’t just a healthcare transaction for Jesus, healing was a transformational encounter””physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially restored.

As Roland and Vince point out in this CareCast episode, the men and women serving in our pregnancy centers are doing the ministry of Jesus. We are not surprised that our service is better when compared to abortion clinics. Why? Because abortion clinics, by their nature, are transactional work. Pregnancy centers are doing a different, more worthwhile work””transformational work.

We’re grateful for this peer-reviewed journal and its newest study on the care of pregnancy centers. We’ve known all along that pregnancy centers were providing amazing services. We’re thankful to see others taking notice of their great work.

Roland and Vince cover this study and much more in their newest CareCast episode.

Want to hear the podcast? Find full access to the newest CareCast episode.

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