Pregnancy Decision Line Stories


When women and men call Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line, they are often facing difficult unplanned pregnancies. They are looking for information about abortion, the procedure that our culture has told them is their “only hope.” But on our national hotline, they find more than information about their options—they also have the opportunity to encounter Christ and experience the transformation He alone can bring.

That’s what Sarah discovered when she spoke to her hotline coach. Sarah had already decided she was going to have an abortion. She found a local abortion provider and scheduled her appointment. But with only 48 hours until her appointment she began to have second thoughts.

Consumed by the need to know more about her abortion procedure, she went online. That’s where she found the number for the Pregnancy Decision Line.

As Sarah spoke with her coach, she realized that she needed help. Not the “help” of an abortion, but the help of Jesus Christ. Right there on the phone, she committed her life to the Lord. But even as Sarah’s coach celebrated the decision with her, Sarah confessed she still wasn’t sure what she would do with her pregnancy.

As Sarah hung up the phone, her coach and the rest of the Care Net staff prayed for this new believer to make a life-saving choice for her precious unborn baby.

God answered those prayers in a mighty way.

The day of her appointment, Sarah met with her doctor and was diagnosed with a condition that required postponing the abortion. The next morning the abortion clinic called. It was overbooked. Sarah saw this for what it was: a sign that God was moving to spare the life of her baby, so she called her coach back and told her the good news.

While she was still uncertain about the future, she knew that God was working in her life. And protecting the life of her baby.


Genna felt exposed in her hospital gown. It was cold in the abortion clinic, yet her whole back was soaked with nervous sweat. When the abortionist walked in, her heart raced. She couldn’t believe she was doing this.

Three feet away, the doctor paused.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” she asked.

Yesterday, she had spoken to a hotline coach at Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line. Genna told the coach that she didn’t want an abortion, but her partner, Kyle, had been pressuring her to do it. The coach told her she had other options, but Genna had already made the appointment and knew Kyle wouldn’t like it if she canceled.

Frightened tears trickled down her face.

“I don’t know,” she shared with the doctor.

If even the abortion doctor was questioning her, maybe she should reconsider.

Genna walked away from the abortion clinic feeling like she’d dodged a bullet. The abortionist and the Pregnancy Decision Line coach were both telling her the same thing. The whole world was upside down! She thought about her relationship with Kyle. He wasn’t there for her. Right now the only person on her side seemed to be the hotline coach.

Genna looked at her phone. She still had the hotline number so she called her coach to tell her what had happened. Her coach answered right away and her warm voice on the other side of the phone line consoled Genna. They talked through her other options and how she might handle Kyle’s response when she told him she wasn’t having the abortion.

Her coach also made an appointment for her at a local pregnancy center where she could find material support like diapers and baby clothes. Genna felt better already and more ready to fight for her baby.

Moms feel more pressure than ever to abort their unborn babies. Some of it comes from the culture, and sometimes it even comes from friends and family. But our God is so big, He can even use the darkest of times and the most unexpected people for good.


Katy felt her heart pumping as she ended the call.

It took most of her strength to work up the courage to call the abortion clinic and make an appointment, and every bit of the rest of it to cancel. She thought she’d feel relieved after cancelling her abortion, but she didn’t.

Katy knew all her sins were forgiven—even the ones that led to her pregnancy—but she still felt lost and confused. She had cancelled the abortion, but that didn’t make her problems go away. There was a little life growing inside her that, in a few months, would need looking after—and she knew she would need help.

Katy felt she needed a sign.

Reaching for her laptop, she searched for help online. Eventually, she came across the Pregnancy Decision Line—a place promising a confidential talk about her unplanned pregnancy.

Working up her courage again, she dialed the number and shared her story with her coach. The coach gently told her she was brave for getting this far. Katy felt a strong connection with her coach and knew she had made the right decision to call. The coach said she had options outside of abortion, and should take her time to make the best decision for her and her baby.

Katy sat there on the bed after she hung up, watching the snowflakes outside her window. Katy still wasn’t sure what to do. She needed to think.

When a mom rejects abortion and chooses life instead, the story doesn’t end there. The fears causing her to consider abortion don’t evaporate. Can she afford to raise her baby? Is she ready for the responsibility? How will this impact her future?

Thankfully, Pregnancy Decision Line coaches are there to help mothers face those doubts one at a time. Care Net affiliated pregnancy centers are there to provide the compassion, hope, and help needed to give a mom who has chosen life the support she needs to stick with it. Staff and volunteers trained for pro-life ministry through our Making Life Disciples curriculum ensure they have a community to surround them long after they leave the pregnancy center.

Because of generous donors and the ministry of Care Net, women like Katy are not only encouraged and supported in their pregnancies, they also can experience abundant life in Jesus!