Men’s Survey

Care Net Study of Men and Abortion

The Care Net Study of Men whose Partner has had an Abortion was originated and commissioned by Care Net. The objectives of this quantitative study were:

• To measure specifically what percentage of men were attending church at the time their partner/spouse had an abortion,
• To understand men’s opinions about the unplanned pregnancy and the influence men have on their partner/spouse to have an abortion, and
• To understand the opinions of men whose partner/spouse has had an abortion regarding how safe, open, and helpful churches are when making a decision about an unwanted pregnancy.

The online survey was conducted by Lifeway Research February 25-March 26, 2021. A demographically balanced online panel was used for interviewing American men age 18+. Quotas and slight weights were used to ensure the sample matched national totals for ethnicity, age, education, and region. The completed sample is 1,000 surveys.

This nationally balanced sample was screened to include only men whose partner/spouse has had an abortion after he had made her pregnant, and he knew about the pregnancy before she had the abortion.

See the full results of the study below!

Graphical presentation of the results:

Quantitative Report: