In 2015, the film Voiceless will hit theaters with a compelling, perhaps controversial, message — the pro-life movement is the church’s movement, and therefore, the church has a more central role to play in the movement. 

voiceless_movieWhile the work of para-church ministries has been at the heart of the movement for decades, they are, by definition, meant to work alongside the church, not in place of it. (the word “para” comes from the Greek for alongside).  But why? How? With who? When? All these questions are answered in a persuasive and entertaining way in Voiceless

It is the story of a small-town pastor trying to discover his purpose at the inner city church to which he has been assigned. His worldview and complacency are challenged when he discovers that there is an abortion clinic across the street from his new church, but his church has done very little to confront such an obvious conflict. 

Care Net has partnered with Voiceless as we build out our new Church Outreach and Engagement Initiative. Because the Initiative is the leading arm of Care Net’s urban strategy, the film’s setting in inner city Philadelphia and its message about the role of urban churches will serve as a powerful call to action for pastors. The film will inspire churches to play a greater role in the fight for life in their communities, and even give some ideas on how they can get started. We plan on screening the film for churches and pregnancy centers next year and building coalitions between various pro-life ministries in order to elevate the film’s important message. 

Next spring, you will hear a lot more from Care Net about this important film. In the meantime, visit the Voiceless website to learn more.