On Tuesday, July 14 the nation awoke to stunning news: A 3-year undercover investigation resulted in the release of a video revealing that Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of babies it aborts.  In the short version of the video, we hear a high-ranking Planned Parenthood executive describing how abortions are performed to keep the desired body parts intact for sale.

What’s a pastor to do with this latest spotlight on the horror of abortion in our country?

For one, Pastor Blake James of Mount Carmel Christian Church in Carrsville, VA was moved to tears, and to action.  In his sermon on Sunday, July 19, only 5 days after the undercover video about Planned Parenthood was released, Pastor Blake spoke passionately from his pulpit. 

This morning’s sermon is going to be difficult. I first must repent to you as your pastor.  I am sorry to you, to God, and to the unborn.  I have been the pastor here for almost 3 years now and I have preached about the unborn and the need to protect their lives, but I have not taken any further steps, to which I repent.  I have been convinced for years on this subject (the sanctity of human life) but sat on the sidelines. We must put our theology into practice. . . “

Even though Pastor James suggested that his congregation call and email their elected officials, as well as pray for them, he advised against putting their faith in anyone or anything other than God. 

In a few short days, Mount Carmel had committed to a day of fasting and praying during which they would pray for women in unplanned pregnancies in the morning; pray for abortion providers in the afternoon (that their hearts might be opened to the gospel); and in the evening they prayed for the body of Christ to rally around this issue and step up to the plate. 

Since viewing the disturbing Planned Parenthood video, Pastor James has arranged to tour the pregnancy center in their community to investigate ways Mount Carmel can provide practical and prayer support.  There are two pamphlets that Pastor James will also be handing out to his members: Top 10 Myths About Abortion and Post Abortion Suffering, both by Family Research Council.  And if that wasn’t enough, he is looking to partner with an adoption agency. 

“Can’t you see that faith without good deeds is useless?” James 2:20b

If Pastor James can do it, so can you.  To find the nearest pregnancy center in your area go to the Care Net website and enter your zip code. Begin a dialogue with your pastor and others at your church about how to pray about the issue of life and to even pray for your local abortion provider, just like the congregation at Mount Carmel Christian Church.   If you don’t think God can use your prayers to make a difference in the life of an abortion provider, read this powerful testimony: 

At the time we were planning to open the five (abortion) clinics there were some problems between the partners. We decided to call in a business counselor and worked with him for thirty days. It turns out this man was a preacher. He told me that God had sent him because there was someone in there that the Lord wanted out. I left in 27 days.” Carol Everett, former abortion provider who now stands for life.

There are about 2,500 pregnancy care centers in the U.S. but there are over 350,000 Protestant and Catholic churches in America.

Pastor Blake and his church have drawn a line in the sand. What will you and your church do?