Recently, an article highlighted a heart-wrenching scenario of women alone in bathrooms, performing self-induced abortions. Transparently, my gut response to this type of reporting is usually anger followed by more anger coupled with a deep sadness as the author of the piece wasn’t making an argument for less abortions or trying to be objective in their reporting. Lately, however, the Lord has been reminding me and challenging me to channel such energy into ensuring that these women and consequently, these men that are involved, are not forced into isolation or feel that abortion is their only option.

As we strive to live out the Great Commission and embody the Great Commandment, we face a profound battle, one not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces that have been at work since the Garden. The serpent, who deceived Adam and Eve into isolation, continues his work today, pushing many into corners of fear and loneliness. In our current cultural context, the bathroom has become the abortion clinic, and alarmingly, these women their own abortionists. This isolation, this deceptive “solution” of abortion on demand, is a grim reflection of the enemy’s ongoing strategy to “steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10).

The Cultural Deception and Isolation

Our current cultural and societal narrative often champions abortion as a form of empowerment, a quick fix that supposedly restores freedom and control to women. Yet, this narrative is dangerously misleading – as it promotes a chilling form of isolation. The ease at which abortion pills are distributed and the narrative pushing for abortion on demand not only endanger women physically and emotionally but spiritually as well. It is a stark and somber echo of the serpent’s whisper, driving Eve to act alone, away from God’s protective guidance. Need I remind you that the serpent is still at work today?

Living the Great Commandment

In responding to this crisis, we are called to love our neighbors, our classmates, our coworkers, the future mothers among us, as ourselves. This is not passive love; it is active, challenging, and sacrificial. It reflects the heart of a God who did not abandon us to sin and death but stepped into human history to redeem us. Yes, Adam and Eve sinned, but God entered the Garden to pull them from isolation and darkness. This message resonated then and it resonates now!

Each day, we have the opportunity to confront the serpent’s lies with the Truth of Jesus Christ. We fight not for victory, which Christ has already secured, but from victory, bringing His light into the darkest of situations. By actively supporting these women in the midst of their unplanned pregnancies, we disrupt the narrative of isolation and replace it with one of compassion, hope, help, and community where women, men, children, and families flourish.

A Call to Compassionate Action

The church must rise to counteract the serpent’s deception with the truth of the Gospel – that Jesus Christ came that we might have life, and have it abundantly.

Our mission is clear:

Equipping and Integrating the Church: Through our Church Engagement initiatives at Care Net and our Making Life Disciples study, we prepare churches to serve as first responders to those facing pregnancy decisions. This training provides practical tools for reaching the abortion-vulnerable and fostering discipleship that guides individuals toward a life in Christ, integrating them into our communities, inside the walls of our local church, and showing that they are loved and valued.

Counseling and Spiritual Warfare: Recognizing that the decision to undergo an abortion can leave deep psychological, emotional, and spiritual scars, Care Net offers specific programs geared towards healing and restoration. Forgiven and Set Free addresses the unique needs of women grappling with guilt, shame, and grief post-abortion, offering them a path towards hope and healing through Christ-centered support. Similarly, Reclaiming Fatherhood focuses on men who have been affected by abortion decisions, helping them deal with the impact on their self-worth, integrity, and relationships. Both programs underscore our commitment to healing both women and men with the compassionate and transformative power of the Gospel. We serve a God that pulls people from the darkness and the local church should be about that work in every community. These resources can help this become a reality.

Practical and Relational Support: Once these tools are incorporated into our ministries we will then be better equipped to extend practical assistance – housing, healthcare, job training, material assistance, and financial aid – and also relational support that rebuilds community and connection that so many of these men and women desperately need and desire.

A Challenge to Our Hearts and Our Churches

Let us be zealous in our efforts to oppose not only the act of abortion but the spiritual decay it represents. Are we prepared to offer more than opposition? Are we ready to provide alternatives that affirm life in all its complexity and potential? Is the Church prepared and ready? This is the heart of our challenge and our calling.

Join Us in Action

Reflect on how you can contribute. Can you offer your time, resources, or a listening ear? Can your church provide a support group or practical assistance? Let us not be idle. Engage, act, and transform lives through the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

Together, let us bear witness to the life-giving power of Christ and stand as a beacon of hope and life in a culture that too often offers the opposite.

Our Church Engagement team can help you as you start down this path of discipleship in your homes, inside the walls of your church, and in your community. We look forward to hearing from you.