There are approximately 2,500 pregnancy centers in the nation but there are approximately 350,000 churches.  In 2014 alone, Care Net centers saved communities $56 million dollars so there is no denying the enormous impact Care Net Pregnancy Centers have on communities.   And yet it is Christ’s Church that has the distinction of being the only entity that can withstand the powers of hell and not be overcome, as stated in Matthew 16:18.  As we approach this year’s Sanctity of Human Life Sunday on January 17, the March for Life  and Evangelicals for Life events both in Washington D.C. on January 21-22, the Church must speak for the unborn.

City on a Hill, a Christian media arts company, is called to share an experience of truth with our culture that will point hearts to Jesus. They believe in a truth that is everlasting””a truth that is eternal.  Their passion is to equip the church and inspire transformation through beautiful and moving feature films, powerful stories, and thought-provoking words that amplify God’s timeless truths.  They are also a ministry that is committed to saving the lives of the unborn so they have created an out of the box pastor kit that equips any church with what they need to speak for the unborn not just this weekend but throughout the year.

City on a Hill’s “Life” pastor kit comes with everything you need to plan a service that not only teaches on the sanctity of life, but demonstrates the importance of serving your community through pregnancy resource centers. This kit includes:

  • Sermon transcripts (in English and Spanish) that provide a biblical foundation for choosing life
  • “A Mother’s Story” a cinematic short film that highlights the role crisis pregnancy centers can play
  • Additional Video testimonies
  • Suggested liturgy for your Sunday service
  • Artwork to be used for slides, bulletins, etc. 

Does your church speak for the unborn? The City on a Hill “Life” pastor kit makes it easy to do.  During January, people are much more aware of the issue of life so encourage your church leadership to look into the various resources available at Care Net’s web site as well as the “Life” pastor kit by City on a Hill.

Does your church speak for the unborn? If not now, when?