As your organization grows and (hopefully) your staff grows, it’s important to get into the habit of creating and updating job descriptions for your staff members.

Many pregnancy centers begin as a grassroots effort to make a difference in the community. In those early days, you might operate on a small (or non-existent) budget, relying entirely upon the hard work of dedicated volunteers. If you’re lucky enough to hire a staff member, they tend to be a “jack of all trades” wearing multiple hats – meeting with clients, raising money, performing janitorial tasks”¦sound familiar?

But as the organization grows and (hopefully) your staff grows, it’s important to get into the habit of creating and updating job descriptions for your staff members. Why? I’m so glad you asked.

While no state or federal law “requires” employers to create job descriptions, they can be helpful in a number of different ways.

Recruiting and Hiring the Right People

Pregnancy center work is unique. Our profession requires intangible skills and abilities that go beyond the basic resume. First, as faith-based organizations, we have a commitment to Christ. Second, we have convictions that influence the way we serve. And third, this work requires a servant-heart. A job description that clearly articulates these core requirements will allow you to bring the type of people into your organization that align with your mission.

A good job description also helps potential applicants understand what the job entails. If someone sees a job posting for a “Center Assistant”, they might immediately envision a position focused on data entry and administrative tasks behind the scenes. Your vision for that role, however, might be someone who serves as a paid pregnancy decision coach who spends a great deal of time interacting with clients. It is important to clearly describe the tasks associated with the role.

This document can also be used to clearly set the educational or experiential requirements for a position, as well as the “essential functions” of the job which can be important from a regulatory compliance perspective. It’s a good idea for job descriptions to indicate whether the position is “exempt” or “non-exempt” — an important distinction when it comes to the FLSA (Federal Labor Standards Act) to avoid any confusion regarding wage and hour laws.

Setting Expectations & Reviewing Performance

While a job description is helpful in the hiring process, it can also be incredibly helpful when it comes to setting expectations and reviewing employee performance….



Callie Cowan Headshot.jpgCallie Cowan has been the Executive Director of Pregnancy Solutions in Southwest Florida since 2012. Pregnancy Solutions has three locations across two counties. Callie’s background as an attorney gives her a unique perspective and approach to pregnancy center ministry. She and her husband Nate have three children who are 6, 5, and 2 years of age.