On behalf of its more than 1,100 affiliates, Care Net yesterday submitted an amicus brief to the Supreme Court of the United States in NIFLA v. Becerra.

Tweet: Amicus brief by @inspirelifenow supports pregnancy centers; joins > a dozen also opposing state-mandated speech required by California law in @NIFLA case. We are #FriendsOfNIFLA https://ctt.ec/07X4U+

The case stems from California’s so-called Reproductive FACT Act. In it’s brief, Care Net argues that:

“The Act requires non-medical, unlicensed pro-life organizations to provide extensive disclaimers that they are not a licensed medical organization, and it requires licensed medical centers that do not provide abortion to provide notice to all clients about how they can obtain a state-funded abortion.”

Care Net’s brief also elucidated the practical ramifications of the law for pregnancy centers. 

“California’s regulation here is no different than if it forced Alcoholics Anonymous groups to post a sign at their meetings (1) informing participants that alcoholic drinks are not served, and (2) providing a listing of nearby bars and liquor stores.” 

Although centers are frequently criticized by advocacy journalists who oppose their work, centers enjoy unprecedented approval ratings from their clients. 97% of women who seek services from their community-based pregnancy center say they would refer a friend for similar services. 

“By speaking the truth in love, advocates show the love of God and respect pregnant mothers as an autonomous, capable individual,” Care Net’s brief explained to the court.

John J. Bursch of Bursch Law, PLLC submitted the brief on behalf of Care Net. Care Net submitted a similar brief to the 9th circuit, from which the U.S. Supreme Court accepted this case on appeal. Care Net’s brief joins more than a dozen other amicus briefs submitted in support of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates and opposing the state overreach respresented by the California law. 

We have previously written about the ways California’s mandate on pregnancy centers impacts their ability so serve clients effectively and consistently.

Learn why this case matters: 

Eve Marie Barner Gleason is Care Net’s Director of Center Services. 

Alana Varley, Center Services Coordinator, contributed to this article.