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I stood alone on the sidewalk in front of a dingy abortion clinic in the Bronx, New York. I had no idea what I was doing.

It was on a cold day in November of 2010, and I was working with the local pregnancy center that had converted an old shuttle van into a mobile unit with a sonogram machine. It was parked in front of the clinic, and our instruction was clear: Approach women as they entered the clinic and offer them a free sonogram in our van.

To be honest, I didn’t really believe anyone would choose our dilapidated, makeshift “clinic on wheels.”

Even for a free sonogram.

Thankfully, I was wrong. A young girl startled me as she approached me on the sidewalk.

“I’m here for my appointment,” she exclaimed.

I had no idea what to say. I stuttered and stammered as I tried to come up with a coherent response.

“I, uh, don’t work for Dr. Emily’s abortion clinic. I’m just, uh, hanging out with these interesting folks over here,” I replied as I pointed to the mobile unit. “They have a sonogram machine in that van and would love to help you.”

I sounded like a babbling idiot. “Sure!” she exclaimed. “I’m early; I’d like to hear what they have to say.” I couldn’t believe it! She didn’t ignore me. She didn’t cuss me out and tell me to get lost. She didn’t walk away. She actually wanted to hear what we had to say.

I noticed she was shivering, so I gave her my hoodie and walked her over to the door of the mobile unit. She climbed aboard, and twenty minutes later, she stepped out with a big smile on her face””her eyes tearing up with joy. She fumbled around her purse to find her cell phone and pulled it out to make a call.

“Who are you calling?” I asked.

“I’m calling my mom to tell her she’s going to be a grandma!” she responded.

Now I really couldn’t believe it. It sounded like she was going to keep her baby!

She did. Turns out, she had planned to get an abortion that day, but we lovingly offered her an alternative and she decided to keep her baby.

The direction of her life changed that day””and so did mine. I called my fiance that night and told her God had a new plan for our lives.

This approach to helping women is love expressed in tangible, practical service. Its beauty lies in the fact that it’s the exact same service women receive in a pregnancy center – love, resources, education, and hope – but it takes place right outside the door of an abortion clinic.

It was the day God planted a seed in my heart to start Save the Storks “” an organization that would create beautiful, comfortable, high-end mobile medical units that could be parked wherever abortion-vulnerable women need real resources “” like in front of abortion clinics.  

Save the Storks has now partnered with 41 local pregnancy centers and is producing and placing these mobile units in large and small cities all over the nation. And we don’t just offer mobile units anymore. We offer a variety of services to pregnancy centers across the country to help increase their effectiveness in working with boards, in their marketing and fundraising efforts, and in mapping out excellent strategic plans to meet goals.

The new pro-life movement is characterized by a gracious, caring, loving, grace-filled, and relational approach that focuses on serving abortion-vulnerable mothers. Pro-life advocates recognize that loving, supporting, and empowering women to make life affirming decisions is the best way to help them value their babies.

We realize pregnancy centers are changing the pro-life movement and transforming lives. If you work at a pregnancy center and will be at the Care Net Conference in September, we want to see you. 

Come by our table – we’d love to hear your ideas and ask you how we can better serve you as we continue to develop our services to meet your needs.

Joe Baker lives with his wife, Ann, and their son, Samuel Adventure, in beautiful Colorado Springs where they love exploring, rock climbing, and leading the Storks team.

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