“Developing a Strategic Plan is overwhelming. It takes too much time”¦it is too complicated”¦it never accomplishes anything, it costs too much. We don’t know how, we are too busy, we don’t really need one, we already have one around here somewhere, etc. and etc.”  These are some of the comments I hear from centers and boards that I visit.  And I get it!  All of those things can be true, BUT what if a Strategic Plan only took six steps??

One Day – One Page – One Plan! This is a different and simple approach for developing a strategic plan that addresses all of those obstacles – and it works!! You can set aside one day, and one page, to develop one plan – and step into your future…

Step 1 –  VISION  [A picture of your destination]

Look five or ten years into your future – “Who do you want to be five/ten years from now?”  Dream – Who will you be serving? How will you serve them? Dream BIG!  Dream God’s dream for you. Make it big, inspiring and clear. Make it God-size.

>> ACTION: Write your vision on the top of your one page plan.

Step 2 – MISSION [Your purpose] 

What do you want to be doing during those five/ten years?  What is your reason/purpose for existing?  From this time forward all you do will flow out of this mission. Define your mission in a short, concise, clear, memorable statement that everyone can understand and recite – would it fit on a t-shirt?

>> ACTION: Write your mission just below your vision.

Step 3 – VALUES [Guidelines for decisions and relationships]

What are the three to five values that will guide your ministry?  Following your mission on your one page plan, write your values that, no matter what will always guide everything you are and everything you do. 

>> ACTION:  List your guiding values

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