Do pregnancy centers make women feel guilty after their abortions? Maria Jose Duran thinks so. 

study.jpgIn her article for The Establishment, “The Dangers of the Post Abortion Syndrome Myth” Duran wrote, “post-abortion syndrome– a form of post-traumatic stress marked by “grief, pain, regret, and denial” is a fallacious condition used by Crisis Pregnancy Centers (also called Pregnancy Resource Centers) to frighten women into taking their unwanted pregnancies to full term.”

The article goes on to discredit the feelings of most women who experience abortion regret. Because they are not supported by the American Psychological Association or the American Psychiatric Association, feelings of abortion regret are apparently a myth perpetuated by pro-life people.

This is why good research into what women feel and how best to help them is critical.

An ongoing survey aims to discover what has been helpful to women who have had an abortion and if bible studies have helped diminish their guilt and shame. The researcher conducting this study is seeking responses from those who have taken a post abortion bible study (“Forgiven and Set Free” or other studies) or have never done a study.  Survey questions seek to develop understanding of:

  • What helps restore the post-abortive woman’s relationship with Christ?
  • After the restoration of that relationship, what helps reduce levels of guilt and shame?

All responses are confidential; no information will be shared, and the resultant research will be used to assist Christian counselors in counseling post-abortive women.


In her article, Duran admits, “There are women who feel sorrow over their abortion; they’re haunted about whether they did the right thing. But there are others, like me, who don’t, and aren’t.” 

For women who feel “haunted,” evidence based research is needed. Every person who regrets abortion can regain the thriving life they desire, forgiven and confident in Christ. 

tweetybird.pngIf you have participated in abortion and would like to contribute to accurate research in this area, please complete the survey and encourage others to do so as well. 

 Linda Cochrane is CEO of Hopeline Pregnancy Resource Center and author of Forgiven and Set Free, a best-selling abortion recovery Bible study.