“The test was positive. You’re pregnant.”

Two words.



Two words. So many decisions.

Abort it. 

Keep her.

Whatever. Life has changed.

Two words. So much controversy. 

Pro-choice, they say, but how much choice really?

Pro-life, they say, but who will be there for the long haul?

Where’s the voice that cares for us?

Not a user, a taker…

In it, together, we’re difference makers.

Not just to survive, but to thrive. Existing isn’t enough. We’re gonna flourish.


 Check it out:


R&B recording artist and songwriter, Mr. Alexander Star, has an encouraging message to men and for women in Our Women. The music video for this song from his 2010 album was recorded in part at Hope Women’s Centers, an outstanding Care Net affiliate in Florida. 

These lyrics tell a story. Our Women celebrates strength in relationship: the power to make a life-changing difference when we support each other. Nowhere is that power more obvious than when it comes to welcoming our children into life. 

“YOU DECIDE whether you fall for a LIE”¦
And YOU DECIDE whether you fall for a GUY”¦
So YOU DECIDE whether you fall or you FLY”¦
Fall or you fly, fall or you fly”¦
YOU DECIDE between the TRUTH and DENIAL”¦
YOU DECIDE whether you KEEP that child or DELETE that child”¦
LET IT LIVE cuz I wanna MEET that child, I could TEACH that child how to”¦ 
Love our women”¦”


Here at Care Net, we talk a lot about abundant life – not just existing, but flourishing and helping other people to flourish as well. Alexander Star and Hope Women’s Centers understand what flourishing looks like to a child – and how a caring community can empower women and men to make life a beautiful reality.

All of this makes Our Women a fantastic part of Star’s vision for young people who are changing the world through teamwork – one relationship, one choice, at a time (featured in Huffington Post).


Local centers like Hope Women’s Centers are helping women and couples flourish every day. Find a local center to help and join Care Net in promoting abundant life.