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What’s Driving the Long-Term Decline in Abortions?

Shared by Eve Marie Barner Gleason

You’ve heard that abortions are declining…but why?  Dr. Michael New provides us with some helpful analysis. 

I have always argued the pro-life movement should do more to publicize the declining abortion numbers in the United States. After all, long-term abortion trends receive relatively little coverage from the mainstream media.”

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Is “Safe-Sex” Reducing Abortion Numbers?

Shared by Cindy Hopkins

The abortion industry claims the reduction in abortion numbers are all about safer sex practices, but what’s really behind the decline? 

Social conservatives and pro-life policymakers must not fall for this contrived link between two separate issues. The agenda is very clear. Simply put, this is a clever ploy to reframe the abortion issue, the contraception issue, and the sex education issue around politically progressive priorities in an attempt to divide pro-life and socially conservative policymakers and citizens — Don’t fall for it.

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Viable at 22 Weeks:  Just How Low Can Preemies Go?

Shared by Dr. Sandy Christiansen

A landmark study raises tough question about science and ethics.  Read about how the study is shaking the preemie community. 

The announcement raises all manner of new questions about how aggressively to treat the littlest infants, how much care is too much””and how much is suddenly not enough. It also, unavoidably, has a lot of people asking how an even slightly lower age of viability affects the fraught debate over abortion.”

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How Planned Parenthood Has Become Abortion, Inc

Shared by Eve Marie Barner Gleason

Learn Planned Parenthood’s business plan for abortion profiteering in this new report from Americans United for Life. 

As Planned Parenthood prepares to celebrate its centennial anniversary in 2016, evidence is increasing that the abortion giant’s future will be defined by an intentional and purposeful increase in its abortion business, and an aggressive take over of the U.S. abortion “market.” Coinciding with Planned Parenthood’s heightened focus on expanding its already substantial abortion business is a notable decline in Planned Parenthood’s number of overall patients and its non-abortion services.”

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3 Essentials for Nonprofit Email Newsletters in 3 Minutes

Shared by Jennifer Joy Wisniewski

Check out this simple, informative video, and learn how to make your email newsletters even better!

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