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Millennials Aren’t Who You Think They Are

Shared by Cindy Hopkins

Understanding this generation will help us better understand what our clients are conforming and reacting to.

They curate, they consume and they create. And that’s what makes them influencers.”

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The Risks of Nonprofit Volunteering

Shared by Eve Gleason

Recommended precautions to consider before sending your volunteers out to raise money or awareness on your organization’s behalf. 

A nonprofit mission can’t be achieved without risks, and the risk of physical harm suffered by a volunteer is simply one of the risks that arises from community-based volunteer service.

Read and consider taking some of these precautions

Indiegogo Launches Free Crowdfunding Site for Nonprofits

Shared by Jen Joy Wisniewski

The world’s largest crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, has launched a site where nonprofits can use its services for free. Previously nonprofits paid a fee to set up crowdfunding pages.

Other crowdfunding platforms require fees for nonprofit campaigns. GoFundMe, for example, collects 5 percent of donations, with an additional 4.25 percent going to FirstGiving, which verifies a group’s nonprofit status and helps disperse the funds.” 

Read more , and check out the website, generosity.com, here

Who Craves Relationships More, Men or Women? 

Shared by Jennifer Weitz

The origins, and accuracy, of a long-held stereotype.

Pew Research reports that young adult women and men are equally likely to want to marry; to say that having a successful marriage is one of the most important things in their lives; and to state that love is an important reason to get married.”

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The Fury Within: Hidden Relational Hostility

Shared by Eve Gleason

A few suggestions for dealing with a passive-aggressive person.

When you are easily able to recognize passive aggressive behavior, then you can make the choice not to become entangled in a no-win power struggle.”

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& a thought to ponder from theologian & professor, Stanley Hauerwas