After more than two decades of providing targeted medical services in their communities, pregnancy centers have discovered that offering these services enhances their ministry to clients who are at-risk for experiencing abortion. While deciding to add medical services does not substantively alter the mission or spirit of the organization, it often leads to a new level of professionalism and an increased ability to reach new clients.  As you look to God for wisdom during these initial stages of exploration, trust Him for the plan and timing. This article explores the early process of medical conversion planning, including prayer, hearing from God, strategic planning, and assessing the current mission statement.

Medical conversion carries significant challenges for the Board and the organization as a whole including but not limited to; managing increased costs and liability, facility renovations, purchasing equipment, and securing qualified healthcare professionals to serve.

But the challenges have an incredible payoff. Centers who have added ultrasound services see more women at risk for abortion. For the woman viewing her baby during an ultrasound exam, the “pregnancy” becomes a real live baby. This window to the womb helps the client connect with the reality that she has a live baby growing inside her and informs her about the baby’s development, providing critical information as she makes a life-changing decision.

The most important consideration for your center is whether or not God is leading you in this direction at this time.