Last year, Care Net surveyed center leaders regarding how satisfied they were with their center’s onboarding program. Many leaders told us there was room for improvement.


We set out to help by creating on-demand access to training that can revolutionize how your center onboards new team members.

The all new Caring Foundations course complements your onboarding plan for employees and volunteers. I truly believe that God has guided Care Net in this plan for a more effective training option for each center.

When I began in pregnancy center ministry in 1990, we did a whole lot of talking and reading to train our staff and volunteers. It may not have been the most effective way to learn, but it was all we had back then – and we embraced education enthusiastically. This innovative program brings a level of precision and excellence that will take our center teams to a new level of confidence in ministry and service. Our desire is in our name, Centers of Excellence – that every pregnancy center would advance to their own God-directed next level of excellence! I hope that you will love it as much as I do.

But I understand if you are a little hesitant. You might wonder: why change things? Training through an online course may seem like uncharted territory. Let me ease your mind: courses in the Centers of Excellence University are user friendly, extremely informative, as well as interactive to keep learners engaged through each learning step.


Here’s what one of our first learners said about the course:


Let’s Dig In!

Remember that survey I mentioned earlier? It uncovered core themes that centers believed should be part of an effective onboarding program.


Leaders want their teams to understand:

  • The history of pregnancy centers,

  • Key mission and vision elements,

  • The priority of sharing the gospel,

  • The reason for adopting a client focused approach,

  • Biblical foundations for being pro-life, &

  • The Commitment of Care and Competence.

Many center leaders we surveyed said their current training systems “work pretty well” but take significant time and energy away from other important work. They expressed a desire for a better way to orient new team members.


So, we built an online learning experience around these important concepts.


Caring Foundations will jumpstart your onboarding plan, saving you time, equipping, and inspiring EVERY new member of your team.

To give you a better idea of how this new course can ease administrative burdens at your center, here are just a few features in Caring Foundations:

  • Short training videos using practical and relevant information to train both new and seasoned pregnancy center staff and volunteers

  • Real stories of hope and compassion from actual pregnancy center clients and volunteers Quiz and short answer questions to test knowledge in all lessons

  • Documents and handouts hosted in Scribd

  • Very affordably priced and easy to set up for your entire team

Not only is this training crafted to meet your center’s needs, but there are two affordable options you can choose from. Watch for these buttons when you visit

  • Get started right away and learn along with team members at other centers.

  • License a private course experience exclusively for your center team members when you prepay for 5 or more learners. When you select the “Create Group” option, you can follow your team through the course, monitoring their work, and even posting your own discussion questions. Plus, you benefit from a discount when you reserve learning seats ahead of time!

I am confident that the Caring Foundations course will bring your team together. You can truly have confidence that all your team members will start with the same solid training you have come to respect and appreciate from Care Net.

GOT QUESTIONS? Here are a few answers to get you started:

Who should take the Caring Foundations training courses?

ALL center team members, whether staff or volunteer will benefit from familiarity with this content. Plus, it’s a great way for potential volunteers and board members to decide if they are interested in committing to your organization. Invite them to take the course before applying to serve with the center!


Do you have to work at or with a Care Net affiliate to take Caring Foundations?

No. Like Care Net’s national conference, registration for Caring Foundations is open to all individuals who are or would like to be associated with a pregancy center, whether affiliated with Care Net or not.

Does this replace training personnel to serve clients?

Caring Foundations does not replace role-specific training for pregnancy decision coaching volunteers or others who interact with clients. However, it can replace the portion of this training that focuses on the history of pregnancy centers and legalized abortion in North America.

What is the time commitment for this first course?

We have estimated the time to be 4-5 hours of total training, depending on the pace of the learner.

Does this lesson plan need to be completed in one sitting?

Absolutely”¦ NOT! Your learning pace is up to you. All learners will have unique login information so they can complete the course at their own pace.

Can we afford it?

With a starting cost of just $14.95 per learner, Caring Foundations is very affordable for pregnancy centers. There are many ways to fund the training:

  • Put it in your staff professional development budget.
  • Make a specific request for donors to underwrite training for new staff or volunteers.
  • When someone is interested in volunteering or joining your board, ask if they will make a donation to cover the cost of taking Caring Foundations? Then, they can learn all about being an excellent center team member.

Can we take Caring Foundations as a group?

Yes – but you will want everyone to have their own account and a computer/laptop. Caring Foundations has been created with the individual learner in mind. There are questions to answer in your own words and quiz questions that work from a points system to give a final score. Also, in order to get the individual certification for your team members, each learner will have to individually log into the Caring Foundations courses. Discussing each point as a group is also a great idea!

Is there a way to see how my team is doing in the learning process?

YES! You have the option of creating a private group at the discounted rate of $13.45 / learner. When you create a group, your entire team can learn. And, you can follow their progress the whole way through. Remember, each student is graded on a point system and learners earning a passing grade receive a certificate of completion. Measuring results also encourages learners to retain course information.


What’s the bottom line? You asked for a better system and Caring Foundations was created to jumpstart the onboarding process and equip your team for excellence.

This course will help your team become familiar with the values of effective pregnancy centers even BEFORE they begin serving. Your team will have an inside look at the history and purpose of pregnancy center ministry from DAY 1. So, why not check it out!



 Toneia Mayes is Administrator of Care Net’s Centers of Excellence University.