As a modern pregnancy center leader, you have many resources available to you. Several national affiliation organizations are also ready to support you. But how can you know if Care Net is right for your center?

Here’s a quick quiz that can help you find out: 

As a center leader:

  1. Have you been transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and do you desire to help others find spiritual freedom too?
  2. Are you passionate about envisioning and equipping others to serve Christ by loving their neighbors who are considering or impacted by abortion?
  3. Do you love to improve systems and processes at your center so you can provide the best quality care for women and couples who are facing pregnancy decisions?
  4. Are you committed to a traditional biblical sexual ethic and reaching out with compassion to people who have experienced sexuality in broken ways?
  5. Do you love to pursue excellence in everything you do and seek out the resources you need to keep improving?

If you answered yes to those questions, Care Net affiliation is a perfect fit for your center. Here’s why:

First, we are motivated by the love of Jesus Christ to share life-affirming compassion, hope, and help with anyone experiencing an unexpected or unexpectedly difficult pregnancy.  Our ultimate goal isn’t political, it’s transformational. That’s why we enthusiastically provide spiritual support to you and help you provide wanted and welcomed spiritual support to your clients too.  

Second, thousands of pregnancy center professionals consider us to be experts in reaching and serving women considering abortion. Our center services staff and expert specialists are experienced pregnancy center leaders who understand the demands and pressures of ministry service. We reach and coach women and men who are making pregnancy decisions every single day at Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line and we have the joy of seeing many of them choose life and make connections with local pregnancy centers. We’ve been learning from what God has been doing in community-based centers for more than 40 years. We learn from these interactions to help you provide outstanding client care in any situation.

Third, we are committed to excellence so you can be too. We know that when you need answers, you need them right away so you can keep on doing what you do best. We are rigorously devoted to being there for you with prompt response times, reliable advice, and quality materials.

Fourth, we have nearly 45 years of experience in establishing, resourcing, and training thriving community pregnancy centers. Your center will benefit from field tested best practices and encouraging relationships with our experts. Our partnerships with other professional organizations give you access to affordable and top quality benefits. Our online courses are your on-demand professional development solution. Our national conference provides you with personal ministry, collaboration opportunities, and, of course, top quality training.

Finally, we are more than an affiliation, we are the pro-abundant life movement. What does this mean in practice? We are dedicated to equipping you to help your clients thrive through whole life transformation. We know that choosing life isn’t a one-and-done decision. Many women and men come to pregnancy centers after experiencing multi-generational patterns of dysfunction. We help you take a holistic approach to providing Christ-centered care that helps clients establish new, healthy lifestyles.

I worked at my local pregnancy center for more than a decade. I know exactly what it’s like to rely on Care Net for support while serving clients and leading personnel. That’s why I’m always encouraged to hear from center leaders about their experience with Care Net. Here are a few comments we’ve received recently:

I’ve only been a Director for 18 months and during that time have only received the BEST help from all the ones there at Care Net! Blessings to you all.

I am so thankful to God for our affiliation with Care Net. I have been involved with pregnancy center work since 1998. I recognize God’s hand in raising up this wonderful national organization at such a time as this to care for the pregnancy centers across the country. You are vital in providing guidance in structure, development, intervention, training, best practices, resources and so much more. Thank you!

I am very pleased with the customer service at Care Net. My questions are always promptly answered, unlike other businesses where I have had to send follow-up emails. Thank you for making me feel important…in the sea of pregnancy centers, I have felt noticed. You are a blessing to me!

Thank you for your ongoing service to pregnancy centers like ours! We appreciate your support, your always up to date helpful insight and information and your care and support for LIFE!

We appreciate the high standards set by Care Net that are passed on to our board, staff, volunteers and clients.

Ready to join the movement?