Do you believe the servants of the Lord will release their “colts” to support His work? Increase your faith to increase your funds.

“If anyone asks, say to them, My Lord has need of it.” Jesus instructed His disciples to go to another village, ask for a donkey colt, untie the colt and bring it to Him.  What boldness to walk into a village and ask someone to untie their colt!  What faith to believe the owner would release his colt simply because they said, “My Lord has need of it.” (Mark 11:1-3) Jesus went before His disciples and had the supply ready. This bold act of faith on behalf of Jesus increased my faith for His provision for our center.

I have to have this bold faith to raise funds. Before even asking for funds, I have to believe that He has already gone ahead and prepared the “man to release his colt.” Do I believe God always has the donkey colt waiting for His needs? No, but I encourage my faith by believing the Father is passionate about the unborn and loves creating new families. I have to believe He also desires the funds so our centers can help mothers and fathers choose life.

Every year there is some discouraging news for non-profit organizations regarding charitable contributions and how donations may go down based on these changes. Donors are always in transition: relocating, retiring, or experiencing job losses. This year it is the new tax laws. But long before tax deductions for charitable contributions were in place, God had the man with the donkey colt ready. When I am discouraged by the news…



Linda Cochrane is CEO of Hopeline Pregnancy Resource Center and author of Forgiven and Set Free, a best-selling abortion recovery Bible study.