Abortion to Make [Him] Happy

The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons published a study of how women seeking recovery support at Care Net affiliated centers felt about their own abortions. 58% of respondents said they aborted to make others happy. 74% felt some form of coercion to abort. When asked in what ways abortion positively impacted their life, 53% either gave no response or responded with ‘none.’

“When asked about the most significant negatives associated with abortion, many women voiced deep feelings of loss, existential concerns, and reduced quality of life, with heart-wrenching clarity. For many women, the abortion experience became a pivotal point in their lives, impacting their self-image, their personality, and their connectivity to others.”

Read more about how many women feel about their own abortions.

People are giving more money to Christian charities

According to the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, more resources are being directed to Christian organizations! Is your center one of them? If not, learn more about the best ways to build a donation base with this article from the NonProfit Times.

“Facebook is by far the social media that most inspires giving, at 62 percent, followed by Twitter (15 percent) and Instagram (10 percent).”

Read more about how to leverage social media and the internet to your advantage.

Centers face Opposition in Hartford

In Hartford, CT, a new city ordinance was proposed which would force pregnancy centers to disclose medical staff credentials. This article from the Hartford Courant presents how both sides feel about the issue:

“Hartford GYN and the Hartford Women’s Center stand just 20 feet apart, but the ideological underpinnings of the two centers could not be more distant.”

Read more about Hartford GYN and the Hartford Women’s Center.

A Caring Pregnancy Center gets Noticed

A Caring Pregnancy Center, a Care Net affiliate, has a new mobile medical unit. Read all about it in the Pueblo Chieftain. Congratulations, A Caring Pregnancy Center!

“Caruso said it is great news that teen pregnancy numbers are dropping in the state, but sexual activity among teens continues to rise, so ‘we are always here to talk in a safe and confidential environment.'”

Pro-Choice State Attorney Called on to Defend Pro-Life Law

The ACLU is challenging a Maine law which only allows physicians to perform abortions. The Boston Globe has the story.

“State Attorney General Janet Mills “” who is named as a defendant in the lawsuit “” has a history of supporting abortion rights, but she is legally required to defend the Maine statute regarding who can perform abortions.”

Read more about the nurse who started everything, and the pro-life advocates who are speaking out.

Care Net Center Recognized for its Expansion

Open Arms Pregnancy Center, a Care Net affiliate, is moving to a new location to make room for new clients. Blue Ridge Now took notice, and wrote an article on their center. Congratulations, Open Arms!

“Usually when a woman comes to Open Arms, she is facing a situation so large she can’t see anything else, Wright explained.

‘We show them love and the love of Jesus Christ. We want them to know they are cared for, and there are alternatives,’ she said.”

Read more about Wright’s lovely center.

An Attempt to Define “Evangelical”

Have you ever felt like the word “evangelical” was a confusing term? It may be because that term is often wrapped up in politics as well as religion. Read this Christianity Today article, and find out how many people are calling themselves “evangelical” for political reasons””and how many people are shying away from that term because of its political connotations.

“There’s a gap between who evangelicals say they are and what they believe.”

Read more about the gap.

New Center Officially Opens in Louisiana

Cenla Pregnancy Center, a developing Care Net affiliate in Louisiana, is officially open. Learn how they got their building in this article from The Message. Congratulations, Cenla Pregnancy Center!

“I’m so thankful to God and our churches for how they have been able to work together to save babies’ lives….This place will be a place where hundreds of babies’ lives are saved year after year. I praise God for it.”

Read more about Cenla Pregnancy Center.  

Care Net Center Recognized for its Expansion

Care Net centers are a place for compassion, hope, and help, but center staff and volunteers do not always see the results of their efforts.This Christianity Today article is about a woman who waited outside an abortion clinic to offer help and conversation to anyone who wanted to talk. She received a thank you note–twenty years later.

“Usually when a woman comes to Open Arms, she is facing a situation so large she can’t see But even as I wait for eternity to reveal its secrets to us, God is gracious and kind in granting me””and all of us””glimpses now and then of the fruit of efforts performed in faith.”

Read more about the note she received.


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