Pregnancy centers provide an array of important services, including specialty medical diagnosis, social support, practical care, and spiritual encouragement to vulnerable women and families.  Most of this care is provided person-to-person. So, how should we think about our responsibilities to love our neighbor and obey governmental authorities during the COVID-19 pandemic? With compassion, hope, and help, of course — and we don’t say that tritely. 

As I write this, governors are issuing executive orders closing businesses (including nonprofits) in their states (see a list here from the NGA and more info from NCSL). And the President just asked for everyone to voluntarily stop non-essential gatherings of 10 or more for 15 days (see CDC guidelines for community organizations and healthcare providers).

As pregnancy center leaders, we have unique opportunities and unique challenges during this pandemic and beyond. Following are two priorities and four Christ-like responses to discuss as you make crucial decisions about pregnancy center operations, in consultation with your center’s medical director and board of directors. Remember, because our God is faithful and good, we do not need to fear disruption; instead, we can love and serve our neighbors wisely and compassionately.

We hope the following infographic will help your team respond to this pandemic. And, if you are a Care Net affiliate, click here to peruse a list of questions to ask in developing or refining your business continuity plan.