On January 12, 2024, our hearts mourned the loss of a remarkable leader in the Pro Abundant Life movement. Karen Roseberry, the dedicated Executive Director at Care Net’s Women’s Resource Center in Lancaster, California, graduated from her earthy home to her eternal home. Throughout her time on earth, Karen passionately championed the rights of the unborn, advocated for pregnancy centers, and shared the love of the Lord with all she encountered.

The Lord’s Leading 

Some may remember Karen as a 2016 candidate for U.S. Senate in California. With Karen’s background in policy and heart for politics, she thought her calling was going to be in the political arena. However, God had different plans for Karen by placing her at the helm of leadership within Care Net Women’s Center as Executive Director in January of 2022.

In this position, Karen was able to fully embrace her passion for others to experience abundant life in Christ while also continually remaining active in politics. Care Net Women’s Resource Center’s Client Services Director, Scotti Jo Seuthe states,

She kept herself aware of and up to date on the misinformation being spread about pregnancy centers and availed herself to every opportunity to try and educate those in the position to either write policy, influence policy, or vote on policy. Karen was passionate about educating others on the issues of the day and would keep her team updated about various bills and misinformation because she did not want anyone to remain ignorant or indifferent.” 

Fellow Executive Directors in California state that it was because of Karen that the firm pro-life platform stood as is during the Republican State Convention because Karen worked tirelessly to keep it from being removed or watered down. Janette Chun, CEO of Birth Choice Centers affirms, Karen was such a strong inspiration to us and stood with us in the fight to not allow the pro-life/pro-family standards in our Republican Platform to be removed.

She Ran Her Race 

When remembering Karen, many stated that she ran (at triple speed) rather than walked. She was known as a fireball for the work she did. She led her team to ensure that every woman who wanted to be seen could make it into the center. If there was an opening in the client schedule, Karen wanted it filled. She knew that if a client could be seen that day, there was a chance of an unborn life being saved and an opportunity for the Gospel to be shared. That’s what she wanted for every client.

Karen ran her race on mission. Her mission was to live for the good of others. It was her deep love for Jesus and people that propelled her to this mission. Everyone who met her instinctively realized three distinctive things set her apart: she was full of joy (as she was always smiling), her ambition, and her contagious passion for God.  

Inspiring Others 

Karen was truly an example of “iron sharpening iron.” She was very involved in her state’s coalition of pregnancy centers which allowed her to work closely with other pregnancy center leaders. Bakersfield Pregnancy Center’s Executive Director, Erin Rogers, acknowledges, Karen’s energy inspired me! We are all better directors because of the influence of Karen.

In addition to inspiring those who were also leading pregnancy centers, Karen served as an example to the team she led at Care Net Women’s Resource Center. Scotti Jo has fond memories of how Karen continually thanked the team for doing the work they were doing or thanked them for being so flexible in meeting the needs of their clients. She remembers Karen by stating,

Karen was like a super saturated work of art that draws your eye and demands your attention. She was a vibrant, compassionate warrior for Jesus Christ — loving, caring, and an excellent leader and teacher.

Another Day in Paradise 

Whenever a staff member asked Karen how she was doing, she would reply, “Well, you know. It’s another day in paradise.” With a life that lived radically to advance justice for the unborn and abundant life for Christ, we know that Karen entered into eternal paradise with the words, “Well done good and faithful servant.” May her legacy serve as a reminder to all of us what life looks like when it is fully surrendered to the will of God and the good of others.