Pro LifeThis Center offers accurate information about all pregnancy options.


As Care Net affiliates, pregnancy centers in the network make it clear to the client and her community, the exact nature of the services the center provides and does not provide, as evidenced in the above disclaimer.  


While this disclaimer’s purpose is to assure truth in advertising of center services, it may also serve as the foundational statement that reveals the fact that Care Net affiliated pregnancy centers are genuinely pro-life; regardless of who is asking (a donor, board member, center leadership, or the newest volunteer)!  In a world where it is not particularly popular to be pro-life, pregnancy centers are often a lighthouse that not only draws clients seeking help and hope in a difficult pregnancy decision, but provides as well, information and resources for community members who may be seeking to know what it means and or what it looks like to be pro-life. 

For pregnancy centers, being genuinely pro-life is exemplified by adopting the following best practices both within the center and in the community:

> Commitment to Accuracy: All pregnancy center personnel, including Board members, staff, and volunteers should be thoroughly and frequently trained to share accurate and current information regarding life-affirming options and abortion information.  ALL medical information should come from professional medical sources and be shared with clients and community members with accuracy. 

> Commitment to Truth:  As abortion facts speak for themselves, pregnancy centers should never engage in deceptive or destructive practices.  ALL advertising practices should be consistent with biblical principles.  Simply put, all communication with clients and the community must be 100 % truthful and accurate and the center must provide clear information and statements about the services it does and does not provide.  It is important that center staff or leaders regularly review website language, advertising, and other communication (both to the client and the community) to be sure of their accuracy.  This assurance goes a long way towards building the trust of current and potential clients, friends of the ministry, and community members. 

> Commitment to Treating the Client with Respect and Love:  The most important aspect of working with clients and reaching those who are abortion-minded, or determined is building a relationship with them.  This relationship should be built on respect and love.  Each question we answer, each service we provide, each piece of material we give publicly or personally, should begin and end with respect and love towards those we serve.  It is essential to provide honest, clear, concise and Christlike answers and responses to their questions, as we share with individuals the truth about abortion and its harmful effects.

To be genuinely pro-life is an excellent thing, producing an excellent pregnancy center ministry that is effective and is a positive influence for life.  How comforting it is to know that our daughters, our granddaughters, our sisters, our neighbors, our friends, and yes, even the stranger can be assured that Care Net pregnancy centers are committed to accuracy, truth, respect, and love in a way that is honoring to our Lord.tweetybird.png

Terry Williams

Terry Williams is a Care Net Center Services Specialist and National Trainer, providing training for Boards, staff and volunteers. A veteran of more than eight years as a pregnancy center director, Terry is a current board member at Texas Alliance for Life. Terry also mentors teenagers, young adults and women. Terry is called upon frequently to provide key testimony for pro-life legislation at the Texas state capitol and has been involved in several events and communications regarding pro-life legislative issues.


This post originally appeared on Care Net’s private, affiliate-access website.