…you want to understand how to tell your center’s story even better.

Statistics and numbers.jpgSometimes statistics seem dull and boring.

Volunteers and staff may question why the center wants them to collect specific information. 


And, if all you do is collect the statistics, ensuring the accuracy of data would seem like a resource drain. 


But effective pregnancy centers collect client statistics in order to understand the: 


1. Local Community

The clients served by the center are unique individuals experiencing unique situations. But together, the general characteristics of those clients can help you better understand how well your center executes its mission: who is served by your center, in what ways, and how satisfied they are with the services your center provides. 

2. Growth Trajectory 

The chief executive and board of directors analyze client statistics so they can make more effective resource allocation and budgeting decisions. For example, if the center is seeing fewer clients year after year, the leadership team may increase the client marketing budget. And, the data also helps the development team better tell your center’s story to potential funding partners.

3. Big Picture 

Individual centers share data with Care Net that contributes to better understanding of what makes centers effective and how they can become even more effective. Care Net reports based on this data give each center an opportunity to see how their performance relates to that of the entire network. Care Net reports also educate center team members, supporters, and the general public about how pregnancy centers make a difference both nationally and locally.


So, tell your story with words and numbers in 2017. 


This post is adapted from content originally appearing on Care Net’s private, affiliate-access website.