With a gleam in her eye, she told me she’s modeling her brand new center off of the really big center that sees so many clients. “Aren’t they amazing? And their leadership is so stellar,” She gushes. She wants to be just like them. 

I agree with her. That center is amazing. And they are making an incredible impact in their community. 

But her center isn’t in that community. And, although that center does a fantastic job reaching women and men, so do hundreds of other centers that operate at least somewhat differently. 

At Care Net, we collect center effectiveness data every year and we study what is working in dozens of highly effective pregnancy centers. We then have the privilege of refining those practices and work with medical and legal professionals to make them usable for any center.

The best practices we recommend bring together data, experience, and expertise to create sustainable practice models for any life-affirming, Christ-centered, direct service pregnancy center.

So, there are things I can promise you… and a few I can’t. That’s because there are things that are out of my control and out of yours too.

I can promise that fall will follow summer, just as it has before. But I don’t know if autumn in your area is hot or cold and I don’t know when your leaves will fall or how long your coffee shop will have your favorite seasonal beverage. 

I can promise you that I love my kids. We are fostering three precious siblings now, but we hope to adopt them soon. What I can’t know is what their lives and ours will look like in a few years. What will be the outcome of investing love in these children?

I can promise to provide your team members with the very best quality professional development education in client care, personnel leadership, organizational management, client marketing, and more. But I can’t foresee all the variables unique to the people receiving training, the people that surround them, or the clients who benefit from the systems and processes they maintain. 

So, I won’t guarantee you a specific outcome from taking Care Net’s professional development education. But I can tell you that when well-trained staff follow proven best practices and prayerfully pursue excellence, wonderful things happen.

The learners and leaders who have used our Centers of Excellence University training say things like this:

“I’ve been an E.D for almost 20 years.  This course was an excellent refresher for me and a great encouragement as I reach for the finish line, to be able to finish well.” — Debbie, Executive Director

“Most of this course was new information to me. I am new, so it was a perfect starter for me. I loved all the helpful printout materials for us! This was very practical and gave me direction on how to tweak some of our own things.” — Madison, Client Services Coordinator

Our training helps emerging leaders quickly grasp the skills they need to succeed in their roles. And it helps experienced leaders onboard new team members and refocus themselves. Our resources help them apply proven best practices in their unique context. 

Maybe the very best next step you can take is seeing how much farther your center can go by rigorously and graciously applying best practices from Care Net.

Remember, Care Net affiliates get an extra 15% off our best prices on most resources. Bonus: the funds you invest in growing your center through Care Net training help us develop future training and resources.