To: Jerry Brown, Governor of California

Dear Governor Brown:

Last month, the Care Net National Conference brought more than 1,000 pregnancy center movement leaders and service providers to San Diego. We enjoyed your lovely weather and California hospitality. 

Yet, just days before our conference commenced, the California legislature passed AB 775, legislation that forces medical pregnancy centers to give clients a state sponsored message advising them that public programs may help pay for their abortion. 

Sadly, this legislation uses bullying tactics to advance the interests of the abortion industry rather than the interests of California women. Community supported pregnancy centers assist women and couples with vital, accurate information about all their pregnancy options and assistance with alternatives to abortion. Most centers already refer to Medi-Cal and other public programs, as well as providing no cost services to people facing unplanned or otherwise difficult pregnancies. AB 775 inserts government mandated abortion assistance referral messaging between a woman and her chosen medical provider. At the same time, AB 775 exempts FamilyPACT providers, inlcuding abortion clinics, from equally advising patients of public assistance that is available if they choose to welcome their baby into life. This legislation is not only unnecessary, it also weights the scales toward pregnancy termination, intruding on womens’ very personal reproductive decision making processes.

You have been a proudly pro-choice governor. Being pro-choice surely means respecting the choices of women seeking alternatives to abortion and protecting the 1st Amendment freedoms and rights of conscience of Californians who work and volunteer in community- based pregnancy centers. 

On behalf of more than 50 Care Net affiliates in California, their clients and patients, and the thousands of citizens and religious leaders who oppose this measure, we respectfully ask you to veto AB 775.


teal heart

Care Net

Do you agree with this open letter? Add your name in the comments. If you live in California, please email Governor Brown directly and ask him to veto AB 775.